Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stopping to smell the roses

Nothing too exciting today. It seems like life has been go, go, go this week. It may be because Gary leaves at 6:30am and doesn't return til 7pm each night? It may be because we are in the last 6 weeks of school? It may be because I was at another school meeting last night til 9:30pm? It may be because I've been helping my sisters with weding `stuff' (which I'm more than willing to do, don't take offense kiddos). Regardless, life is good.

This morning, Kai and I walked to the store with auntie Trisha and then Kai and I walked to the park. It's always a little annoying letting him walk because he does not stay on the sidewalk and it takes forever...oh well, we made it there. He made a few friends and played pass with them. He loves hanging out with other kids. He also learned to say `Ready...set...go' and then we would run up one of the hills.

At one house along the way, Kai stops to put his nose in every flower to smell it. He seriously has to smell each one. He also has a big thing for putting garbage in the garbage can. It's tough because i want to teach him to be clean and neat but I don't think I want him picking up random garbage on the street. I do let him throw wrappers found at the park into the garbage but maybe I shouldn't let him clean up any. Why do people litter? Who teaches their kids that it's okay? I don't get it.

Back at home, Kai likes to exercise. He can now work the treadmill on his own. He is currently asleep in his car bed. He has been able to sleep in it for his naps but not at night.

For lunch, Kai and I made pizza. I chopped up everything and he put it on. He was also able to choose whichever herbs he wanted from the garden to put in the sauce. It ended up tasting pretty good and he loved helping. Well, I think our little monkey is up...gotta go.

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  1. sounds like a fun day :) super cute that he likes to smell each flower!