Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Janny Bear

Tonight we celebrated my sister Jantina's 25th birthday and also the fact that Trisha is graduating in a week or so. I'm thinking we should've been celebrating Tyler's (soon to be bro-in-law) graduation as well....oops, sorry Tyler! Below is a pic of my little sister Trisha and I.

Here are the 5 of us under the cherry blossom tree, in full bloom, driving our allergies nuts! Jantina (birthday girl) is far left. This tree is a little special to me because my mom loved it and the last picture I have of my mom and I together, is under this tree, exactly 2 years ago.

Dad had to get in for a photo.

Kai wanted to touch the `flowers'.

I seem to be a person who blogs a lot. I feel like I shouldn't. Like I should wait until something exciting happens. But, I enjoy reading people's blogs who update frequently AND sometimes, I just need to get it out:)
As a sidenote, Kai has either reached a new stage or the fact that he has ANOTHER cold has turned him into quite a tempermental child. He has thrown about 3 temper tantrums this week that are so ridiculous, I just want to laugh at him (I didn't, but it was tough). He has never done this arms flailing and legs stomping thing before, it was kind of comical. Fortunately, it was at home:) We talked through it and all was well in the end. The other thing is that we are dealing with a little fellow that is full of energy who just wants to hit things for fun. He's not doing it to be mean, but he will full out hit anyone. I've heard there are kids that are biters, and I think i would take hitting over that. Regardless, discipline is quite tiring (especially when he is acting out around other kids) but I think it will be worth it. We love our little/big guy!

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  1. MWAHAHAHAHA! Welcome to tantrum land. Remain calm. Keep your hands in the vehicle. Be prepared for several years of a few weeks of cooperation, followed by a few weeks of tantrum city, and then a few weeks again of cooperation.
    If it gets really bad, I have a few books.
    Mostly, I'm sure you'll be well equipped.
    Ayden has always been a worse tantrumer than Matthew, although M can flail and scream with the best of them. With the added bonus of holding his breath!! This is a little bit due to temperament, and a bit due to how I react to things. Tantrums tend to piss me off, which I think Ayden likes and Matthew doesn't like. Hence, A is a worse tantrumer than M.

    Don't stress too much about having a hitter. It's not your fault, it's in their makeup. You just have to slowly teach him different ways to cope with strong emotions (excited, mad, etc), and/or different ways to get people to notice him, and/or simply how to appropriately interact with others.
    Ayden doesn't hit, but Matthew can be quite physical with other kids. I have to kneel pretty closely next to him when he's being introduced to someone younger than him, and watch him pretty closely so I can reach out and correct his behaviour with my hands (because he learns faster that way than with just words) if necessary. It has been a few years of that! He's getting a lot better but I still have to watch him.
    Ani will help him; girls can be physical and hitters too, but they tend to be good at teaching boys that there are other ways people operate, and how to be sensitive to that. Plus she's older so he'll look up to her and the way she does things.