Saturday, April 19, 2008

Laid back weekend

Yesterday I was at home and we had a car for the day! We (I) decided to take Kai to the pool. I'm hoping that he will begin to like the water before we go to Disneyland this summer (with all the Chapmans). We stood on the edge of the pool for 10 minutes where we watched the ladies jumping up and down in water aerobics and Kai just said `Kai's house. All done.'. He really did not want to go in. After the 10 minutes, I brought him to a step across the baby pool and he stood on that step for another 10 minutes. Finally, he became interested in the toys that were there (buckets, shovels, balls) and ventured in up to his chest! Woohoo! Within the hour, he was lying on his back (while I held him of course) and was kicking his feet. I wouldn't go as far to say that he enjoyed himself but he didn't cry and he did splash around. I don't know why he doesn't like it. He loves bath time and he's not really afraid of anything. I guess I'll just keep bringing him once a month or so and hopefully it gets better!

What is up with the snow?! We didn't have any that stuck to the ground but that wind today was FREEZING when I went for a run. We didn't have football this weekend so Gary was able to play a softball game today. I just hung out at home and relaxed.

Kai's favourite hobby; washing his hands and getting `pope' (soap)

He decided he wanted to nap in his car bed today, it was his first time sleeping in a big boy bed!

He enjoys colouring and likes it when we trace his hand. He always asks us to draw basketballs, baseballs, and tennis balls. When we write the letter `K', he says `K, Kai!'. If we ask him to spell his name, he says `A-I'.

Aw, will my lil Kaisie's feet be that big one day?!

Another picture of him colouring at his table. I'm very surprised that he hasn't tried colouring the walls yet! Although, he did lash out with a crayon and hit my camera lens today, I'm very thankful for lens covers!

There was this weird little area on the side of our house that couldn't really be used for anything but always has a lot of sunshine. Today we built a little garden bed and now we just have to fill it up with composted soil and dirt and plant a few seeds. Maybe we'll wait til it warms up a bit! Kai enjoyed watering the tree over and over again while we were building it. We also planted some strawberry plants so I'm excited for those too!

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  1. sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend :) this snow is crazy eh? i like you photo at the top of the page!