Saturday, April 12, 2008

A very good, excellent, fun day!

(Kai's `chasing bubbles' face)
I don't know how today could have been any better. I got up this morning to SUNSHINE and Kai saying cute things in his crib. I went to a garage sale first thing, where they had tons of kids stuff. I got a chair and bed rail for Kai's big boy room and a couple other toys for a great deal. Then, I went shopping to buy some new shorts for the big game today, the first football game of the season! I picked up Ali and Lisa and off we went to play football in the SUNSHINE!
Well, we were playing the 5th ranked team and we are currently ranked 7th (out of 18). Um, well, can I give a few excuses? We were missing 4 of our defensive players leaving a bunch of us offensive players to fill in. It was not our best game and I can't wait til we have all our players and play them again. I threw one touchdown pass which was one of my goals for the game (normally we get more but I knew it would be a tough game). The other goal for me was not to throw an interception. Unfortunately, one ball did bounce out of our receivers hands and into theirs but she didn't get far. Overall, we def. lost but it was awesome to be out there sweating in the SUNSHINE!

Got home from football and we decided to go to Crescent beach for some fish and chips and playing in the sand. What a wonderful evening. You know when you are so hungry that it doesn't matter what you are eating, it tastes like the best thing you've ever eaten? Yup, that was it. Fun times in the sand and water. Here are some pics from the beach. Please note my new fav. pants below:)

(Kai in `ready position' to get some bubbles)
(He loved throwing rocks and shells into the water and making a splash. I cannot believe how beautiful BC is, I never stop being amazed)
He was cute on the way home. He was asking me to shake the water bottle to make bubbles and I said I was tired and wanted to go night night. He said `Mommy. Bubbi (his blankie). Night night' and handed it to me. So sweet, he shared his most dearest possession with me, even though he was tired and wanted to suck his thumb with his blankie. Precious.
(Triumphant cheer at the top of the rocks, looks like they just climbed a mountain:))


  1. Looks like a fun day weezer! I actually just got back from Cresent beach as well ... it was a great day indeed! so Sunny! :)
    Glad football went well...until next time!

  2. Anonymous11:41 PM

    I was there this morning as well! Definitely a great day to be out in the sun. I even got burnt. :)


  3. We were there yesterday morning was it busy. It was nice there and Annika loved the beach.