Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday night 5-7pm

Gary's wishing he could watch the basketball game tonight but we are off to a staff meeting. Big thanks to auntie Jackie for coming over to watch the `Onion'. That's what she calls him. How did it get to onion, let me tell you. Kai--Kaiser--Kaiser Bun--Bun--Bunion (which I said she cannot call him)--Onion. This one has stuck. He knows his name from auntie Jackie is onion. My sister Jackie does not call any of us by our real names, I have always been Weezer since she could speak.

Kai has needed Golgi to eat with him this past week. He likes to share his food:) I love dinner time until Kai decides he is done. He is the fastest eater so we have to eat fast if we want to enjoy it ourselves. He has finally learned to hold his food in his hand and say `garbage' instead of throwing it on the ground and then having to pick it up and put it in the garbage.
Oh man, i think he's too cute

Below, Kai is watching a blog video that we watch every night before bed:) (Dana, that's yours!)

I love 5-7pm. It's a time where more cuddles occur and a little relaxation takes place. Back in the beginning, when Kai was little, that was def. the hardest time ever as he would just cry and cry and cry.
I know we eat early (5pm) but that's the way I grew up. We eat at 5pm and then we have from 6-6:30pm to be wild, and then 6:30-7pm is cuddle/read/giggle time. Well, I better get some of that cuddle time before we head out the door. Sorry for the boring post but I just thought he was cute tonight.
One last thing, we found a worm after work today which was quite exciting, especially when he almost ate it. He couldn't believe we pulled something alive out of the ground.
Currently, Kai is cheering for the Tigers and Gary is cheering for the Jayhawks. Night night.


  1. I love to hear you basking in the blessing of your family! Kai is so cute! It's fun being part of his bedtime routine ;)

    I would eat at 5, or even 4:30 every day if I could. I think that's the time kids are programmed to eat... mine anyway. But instead we stretch it out most days because I think it's important to eat with Daddy when he gets home at 6:15.

  2. I love that Kai has such a big stuffy that he loves! Golgi is very cute. :)

  3. Not only did we miss the game, it went to OT!!! Man, I just don't think that was hospitable to make us miss that game...