Friday, May 02, 2008

21 Months

Our little monkey is getting closer and closer to being 2 years old.
Here are a couple `What are you talking about mommy?' looks.
This month, Kai has really enjoyed helping, especially in the kitchen and garden. Here he's helping make today's lunch.
Hanging out on the bench with Golgi. He loves looking out the window for bugs, something he finds facinating. He was sharing his cheerios with Golgi and is good about sharing food with everyone, even if it is his last piece.
So here's a quick list of things about Kai at 21 months:

Weight: 31lbs

Favourite food: still pizza

Least favourite food: gyoza

Favourite drink: juice (diluted)

Favourite things to do: car rides, the park (only if other kids are there), watching diggers, watering plants, making food, looking for bugs, exercising on the treadmill. I've noticed he's not into any toys anymore. He likes all the balls he has and he does play with the train set a bit, but, big people stuff is his fav.

TV shows: he finally watched half an hour straight of tv!!! This never happens, he never sits still BUT lately, at about 6:30pm he will sit in my chair with his milk and watch Mrs. Spider. He loves all the bugs on it. It's not that I want him to watch tv but it was so relaxing last night when he just sat there, in the chair, for 30 minutes!!! He normally is all over the place, all the time.

Imitations: he loves to copy body movements. If I do some silly dance moves, he'll try to copy. If I swirl my fork in the spaghetti, he will copy it. If I'm vacuuming, he'll grab the popper and do the same thing.

Talking: don't really know what to say here because he says too much now. There are a couple times a day where I don't understand what he is saying and I have to ask him to show me what he's talking about and I always get it in the end. I've noticed that I always affirm the words he says. Example: Kai: `digger, dirt ' Me: `Yes Kai, its a digger in the dirt'. This has led him to repeat words continuously until people affirm what he is saying (if I'm not there).

Favourite friends: hard to say, he loves hanging out with anyone and everyone.
Potty training: we're really not trying but he likes to sit on the toilet about once a day, pretend to go, and then ask for a chocolate chip. At least he is comfortable sitting on it because he never was before.

(If Gary comes home late, he eats dinner in front of the tv and Kai will climb on his lap and try to dig in as well--even though he's just eaten)
He is such a good little boy and I'm so proud of him. I love him so much. I pretend to eat him up because he's so cute and I say `You're so yummy, I just want to eat you!' and he says `Chocolate?'. Yes kai, you are yummy like chocolate. I love his independence and his interest in everything around him. He is truly a blessing and brings so much joy to our lives.

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