Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gary's Night Out

Last Thursday, Gary was able to go to see the Mariners play the Orioles. The reason he went was to see one of our previous students, Adam Loewen, as the starting pitcher for Baltimore. He went with a few teachers and here are just some of the pictures. I asked Gary to blog since this is all about him but he's a little busy preparing for his Wilderness First Aid course that he is taking all week. So, I'm unable to say much about the game but we are all very proud of Adam.


  1. hey...i recognize a few of those people, Adam included! :)

  2. Who's the guy on the far right? I totally recognize him from somewhere.

  3. It's Sean Engbers. He went to TWU, coaches vball, goes to Peace Portal, teaches at FVC..hope that helps!