Wednesday, April 02, 2008

20 months

Our little monkey is growing up so fast

Wow, we're at 20 months already. He really hasn't changed in looks the past few months but some changes have been that he has started climbing on everything and is talking up a storm. Some words are sound kind of funny like when he says `pips' for chips. He went grocery shopping for veggies with Gary last night and I asked him what he got and he said `Potatoes. Onions. Broccoli. Peppers'. He understands and knows how to respond, it is very fun!

He has really gotten the hang of Time Out. If I say `Kai don't touch that, or you might get an owie. If you touch it you will have to go...' and he'll say `Time out!'. He does end up there about 3 times a day and he sits there very well for the minute and then he will say `Sorry. Hug'. Most time outs are due to hitting or throwing toys and he generally won't repeat the same `error' in a day. I do know that sometimes he does do it to get attention too. Regardless, I am so happy that he understands as I could not wait to start having more consequences for improper behaviour. Not sure if that's normal but I love (a bit too much) rules/structure so it works well for me:)
Above is a picture of Kai and Lodi. Lodi is no longer Lodi. Kai calls him Golgi. This is fine with me because its his first science word:) He has no idea its a science word (obviously), but it's the part of the cell that modifies, organizes and packages proteins. He loves climbing up on the bench and looking for birdies.
He loves playing outside but we don't have a whole lot to do in our yard. He does love to play basketball but I think we should get a small climbing structure of sorts. We do have a park nearby but I've realized how relaxing it is to let him run around oustide while I just sit back and relax! Right now he likes to `help daddy' by trying to collect herbs even when we don't need them. Oops!
I love being home with him as long as I have the balance of football games and practices, book clubs, nights out with friends, or walks/runs with my sisters. There are just a few months left til summer holidays and then I will be back at work part time in September. Kai loves daycare and all spring break he mentioned every single kid in his first and second daycare. He loves playing with other kids and with their toys. I really think that for him (and us) it has worked out so well. Phew! What a blessing he has been and we are praying that one day, he will have a sibling to share his love with. So, if you are the praying type, please keep that in your prayers:)


  1. great update! thanks for sharing :) he is just so cute!

  2. Anonymous10:43 PM

    i love him.
    i will see him monday night?