Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yummy Dinner

(Kai helping daddy...AKA taste testing)

Gary has planned our meals this entire week and i appreciate it so much! He will be gone a lot in the next month so I'm glad that he is doing all the cooking this week. This book is one of my fav's and we had some great cajun seasoned fish and corn cakes tonight...who knew I liked corn cakes?
Gary and I just got back from school half an hour ago (its 10:30pm). To all those that think teachers have the best job ever because they have summers and holidays off, it's true that I really do appreciate those holidays BUT when you add up all the extra evenings for staff meetings, AGM's, grad stuff, coaching, parent teachers, retreats sure adds up! I really can't complain that much but anyone who coaches senior sports (aka Gary) def. puts in their time!
Here are some pics of Kai showing how he can `guggle' (juggle). He just moves his hands up and down really fast while holding onto the balls the whole time. He then made it more exciting by standing on one leg:)
So, I kind of started a diet this week. I haven't really tried dieting in years. I don't like dieting because I don't like depriving myself of food, one of my greatest pleasures. Also, we did a cleanse 2 years ago which was the hardest thing ever and i can no longer eat brown rice because of it. We already eat quite well but I thought I would make a conscious effort to avoid cookies. So, no more baking here! I still have a good 7 lbs on me from having Kai. Not really a big deal, I'm happier/content with my body at this age than I have ever been in my life. Maybe it's because I kind of feel like it's okay if I'm a little squishy, I had a kid, and a big one at that! However, I'm slower (football, running etc) than I used to be. I really think that the little extra weight slows me down so I'm just trying a little to eat healthier snacks. I ate 3 carrots the other day as a snack (wow, that sounds like a huge snack!) and I just felt hungrier than ever. The other thing I noticed was that the carrots tasted terrible. Really, it tasted like a watered down, old carrot. I miss home grown carrots, so, this weekend we are building a garden! We already grow our own herbs and have a cherry tomato plant but now we are going to build a raised garden bed and grow some carrots and peas! We also have strawberry planters that need to be filled. Finally, we will have a purpose for all that compost turned soil that we've been making over the past 2 years! I think it's great that Kai learns how to take care of a garden too, he loves to help water the plants.
Well, I'm off to bed. One final note is that several people have asked me about why I am/was sad. It is not for myself, it is for a very good friend of mine who may have a serious illness. She had surgery yesterday and we don't know all the details right now. I don't know if she would feel comfortable with me saying anything so I won't use her name. It's just tough as she is young and has a little guy just like me. Old people getting sick makes more sense in my head, but young, healthy people that are my age? Grrrrrr.... I'm just sick of cancer. My mom had it and passed away nearly 2 years ago. My dad had it in September, had surgery, and is now okay. Ya, I've got some great genes. Anyway, just praying that the surgery went well and that there is some good news on the horizon for her and her family.


  1. My mouth is watering seeing the cooking photos and the cookbook cover. Mmmm! The juggling is hilarious. I hope you have video?

    The cleanse thing is so interesting- I had no idea it could have that kind of a negative impact. I've never done one and now I'm glad. Geez.

    Good for you and your garden. Imagine, carrots that actually taste like carrots! And tomatoes that taste like tomatoes!!!!! We have been missing out for so many years.

    Praying for your friend.

  2. I love the new banner photo!