Friday, April 04, 2008


I've been on the look out for some kind of climbing apparatus for our wild guy. It appears that everyone had the same idea so finding a second hand one was near impossible. I bought a climber brand new, that was 40% off, but it ended up being so small that Kai wouldn't even give it a second glance. So, I returned it. One thing that was successful was the plastic t-ball set. He has enjoyed playing baseball which is good because Gary's games will start up soon:)
We may need to work on his technique a bit:)

Seconds later he was charging to hit me with the bat. We'll also have to work on the idea that we just hit baseballs:)

Ani and B-belle (4 months old) stopped by to play. Kai was pretty impressed with Ani peeing on the potty and he wanted to go on the toilet at the same time too. So, both of them were sitting on potties. Ani was successful, and Kai just had fun:)
Well, Kai is down for his nap so I'm going to scrapbook for an hour. Have a good weekend everyone!

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