Thursday, April 10, 2008

Almost Friday

(Kai in his car after we washed it, he loved dipping the sponge in the bubbles and acting like an adult washing his car)

Had football practice last night which is always fun and relaxing. Love the little workout and the socializing. It seriously does wonders for me mentally and I would recommend any kind of activity that just focuses on you as a person and not you as a mom/teacher/wife to help rejuvenate you! We have now moved up to the top division due to our 7-0 record last spring. I'm pretty nervous as some of the teams in the top division have been playing together for up to 18 years, you should see the QB's, they are amazing! We have been playing together for 3 years and have always been in the B division. I'm hoping we come away with (hopefully) two wins this season. We start this Saturday and already my stomach feels queasy with nerves:) I'm the QB and I wonder how different the rushing and defensive coverage will be in this division, it'll def. be a growing experience!

Gary's got baseball practice tomorrow night. I love that we can both play sports and although Gary won't be able to make all of his Saturday games due to me having football, I still think its great that he is able to play a bit. It is very easy for Gary and I to just stay home as we are both homebodies (if that is how you spell it), but we both love being active outside so i am so grateful for those opportunities.
Due to the fact that Kai does not love being in the stroller, we opted for a family bike ride tonight. I took him for a couple bike rides last week and he enjoyed it (he loves wearing a helmet because he saw a `cool' older boy wearing one at the park). Maybe next week if it is sunny, we'll bike to the mall or something. I just don't like biking on busy roads as I do not trust all those distracted drivers out there.
I'm def. looking forward to the summer; sun and relaxation. I only have something like 23 teaching days left and then exams and meetings etc. I'm only part time which means I teach M,W, Fri one week and then T, Th the next. I'm not trying to sound negative about teaching but I find it a lot more tiring to be in a class with 28 grade 9's than at home with just one kid (and one that I can send to time out at that!). I love my grade 9's and 11's but I've realized that it does require a lot of patience sometimes! I think if I taught two days a week each week, that would be perfect. I really shouldn't complain, I know how fortunate I am to have such a great job and schedule.
Tonight there was a new episode of `The Office' on. I was so excited, I went out and bought Gary and I a Blizzard to share:) My top 3 favourite shows are: LOST, The Office and House and there just haven't been enough new episodes this year.
Let's see, what's new with Gary??? He has lost and kept off about 20lbs since the summer so that's good for him. He had a root canal today and it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. He is taking a Wilderness first aid course in a couple of weeks. It is week long course and he will not see Kai all week as he won't be home til after 7 pm each night. This is all part of preparing for a new outdoor leadership course he is teaching next year. At this moment, he is practicing various knots:) Gary has also been having early morning basketball practices once a week in order to keep guys a little more conditioned throughout the year. We also went to a care group leader training day so that Gary could potentially become an apprentice of a small group in our church.
So, I guess we've been busy but it's all good stuff. We haven't advertised or tried to get any business with photography lately because we feel like we don't really have time right now. We have 5 weddings in the next few months so that will keep up busy enough!
Hope you all have a great weekend, I think we will!

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