Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My friend Maria reminded me that it is National Poetry Month. I don't have a favourite poem so I thought I would write one on the mornings events.
Today I saw something I've never seen in my son,
It seemed to last forever, what a tantrum!
We had been outside watching the tractors and diggers,
And when it was time to go, he cried and said `Giggers!'
When I said we could watch them after a bubble bath,
He cried and stomped, I couldn't believe the wrath.
His crying subsided for a minute or two,
While he ate a strawberry which to him is quite new.
The crying and complaining lasted almost half an hour,
While he cried out `Giggers! Giggers!' with a face that was sour.
Once he was in the bath that was bubbly,
He played with the froggies and the situation was no longer ugly!
He did not mention the `Giggers' for the rest of the day,
But I'm nervous when he wakes, `Giggers!' is what he'll say.
What happened to the days where all he needed was a `cuggle'?
Or all I had to say was `let's do a puzzle!'
I have to be strong and not give in to his rants,
What happened to my little cutie pants?
Is this the start of the terrible two's?
If it starts earlier, does it end early too?
Maybe things were just a little too easy for a while,
and now tantrums happen to make me more humble:)
My boy isn't perfect or a super manner man,
It's time to read some books and do what I can.
I love him so much, its strange watching him act so nutty,
I hope that I parent him the best I can, I love you buddy!


  1. Wow you are creative! Great job!

  2. that's a great poem! sorry to hear that he's throwing tantrums though :(

  3. yup. i think he'll be causing ya trouble for a while. Oh well. He's cute. I'm glad you have him! :)