Monday, April 28, 2008

This weekend...

Before I start, I can't believe I didn't blog about this right when I found out, but, my friend who had to have surgery and was unsure of what the results would be, found out that it was not cancer (it was a benign mass)! Yay, she just needs to recover for the next 6 weeks or so. This is very exciting and such an answer to prayer!

And now onto the boring day to day (what a great way to start it hey?). Friday after work, Gary had a baseball game and when he got home, I went out for coffee. We then prepped for the wedding photos that would be taken on Saturday.

Saturday morning, I got up early to head out to Vancouver for our football game. The weather was beautiful and it was a VERY close game but we won! Woohoo! I had 4 TD passes which is always a good feeling! I hope you don't think I'm bragging, we all keep track and post our stats on the website:) Then, Kai went off to grandma's for the day and night so that Gary and I could take pictures for a wedding. It was a beautiful day, sunny with cloudy periods, couldn't have been better. Beautiful wedding, a lot of fun, and, a long day! Kai slept at grandma's for the night which made me very excited to see him on Sunday morning! He came and gave me the biggest hug as I hadn't seen him in 24 hours, tears were def. present:)

Sunday afternoon I went shopping with my littlest sis (I have 4 of them) as she is all grown up and graduated and starting her career next week!!! It was very fun shopping as it wasn't my money and she is a cute size 6 which means everything looks good on her. We bought a lot of fun clothes, and I even got a few things for myself. When is the last time I bought myself something at the mall? When is the last time I spent 2 hours shopping?! Wow. Then, I headed out to my good friend Ali's place for her 30th birthday. I wish I had brought Kai along as there were other kids there and he would've LOVED it (he loves going on `tar' (car) rides, getting out of the house, playing with kids, eating food etc) but Gary was super busy at home so I wanted to relax and hang out rather than follow Kai around everywhere. So, Kai stayed with Gary. Then, I came home and started editing the 700+ pictures for about 3 hours....good times.

Today, I feel exhausted. I should do some marking but I just don't feel like it. I'm usually the kind of person who marks things the same day I get them. However, I'm slacking off a bit in my old age:) Maria, Ani, and B-belle came over this morning. Kai had a fun time playing with them. Kai and Ani played in his room, unsupervised and without any screaming for quite a while, these kids are growing up! Here are a few photos...
They love their snacks; cheerios and craisins.
Drinking their milk in the tent I wish I never bought, and that Kai had forgotten about for a couple weeks, but he wanted it up today.

B-belle starting to sit up. Kai is really good about bringing her toys if she loses one. He is now a good helper at daycare with the twins there and he really does love babies.
Kai has really gotten to the stage where he wants to do things himself. Most commonly heard thing is `Kai do-ed it, no please, Kai do-ed it'. He wants to do EVERYTHING. Fortunately, I have time to allow him to do it himself now. He needs to be part of every single thing we do from combing my hair to making dinner to pulling weeds. Today he helped me wash the stove top. His favourite things to help with are gardening and cooking.
This is his terrible, fake crying face. He does it all the time now. He can turn it on and off in a second. I do have to say that i do not enjoy this part of his developmental growth, but it does make me laugh a lot because he is a terrible actor.
The cutest thing he does now is the following:
Me: Kai, how much do you love mommy?
Kai: (th)Is much!
When he did it this morning, he was in his fake crying mode so it looks like he's sad but normally he gets the hugest grin when he says it. I melt!!!
I love this kiddo so so so so much. I really wonder what God's plan is for us family wise but I'm at the point now where I am totally content if Kai is our only biological child. It took me a while to get here but we are just so blessed with him and I really hope that we will one day have another child or two added to our family! We (Gary, Kai and I) have a lot of love and we're ready to share it:)


  1. Kai's a cute-heart! There are lots of kids in Thailand waiting for families! ;-P

  2. sounds like a great weekend! the photo's looke great! (checked out your other site). i had to laugh when i saw kai's fake cry face...too cute, and classic :)

  3. oh, the fake cry face...Taeya does that too. but she doesn't turn it off as quickly as she turns it on, unfortunately. Enter: time outs!!!