Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Capilano Suspension Bridge {North Vancouver, B.C.}

Growing up in B.C., I've always heard about the Capilano Suspension Bridge but we've never gone as a family!  I had been once, years ago, and wow–they have added so many amazing dimensions to it!  There are four major parts to explore: Suspension Bridge, Treetop Adventures, Cliffwalk, and Nature's Edge Boardwalk.   If you are afraid of heights, it actually is more breathtakingly beautiful than scary.  The only time Nya was afraid was in the middle of the bridge as it does rock when people are walking across.  I was not nervous for my kids at all along the whole adventure so that just tells you how safe it is (I'm usually quite cautious!)

There is a Rainforest Explorer program that takes the kids about 20 minutes to fill out as they explore the Treetop Adventure and the rainforest; this was Kai's highlight!  They worked together and after answering the six questions they each got a Capilano Suspension Bridge button (which they call their "badges".)

Seriously, how cool is this Treetop Adventure? I loved it!  The sides are completely enclosed so we didn't have to hold Nya's hand and they did it all on their own.

The boardwalk is about a 20 minute walk total and Nya was able to do it all. It was starting to rain quite heavily at this time but the boardwalk was not very slippery; the rain added to the feel of the rainforest.

We crossed back over the bridge to head to the Cliffwalk–I would love to see it on a clear sunny day!

They do have recyclable ponchos for free if you do end up going on a rainy day. Isn't this Cliffwalk awesome? 

The total cost for our family was $104 which is quite a bit BUT as B.C. residents you can get a year-long pass.  We plan on going back on a sunny day and also during Christmas time to experience the Canyon Lights.  If you've ever considered going to Capilano Suspension bridge, I highly recommend it.  Whether with friends, family, or on a date, it's a great place to explore!

Have you been? Do you love it?



  1. I like how you don't let rain stop you! I was there years and years ago, and so I just remember the suspension bridge. We will have to go back when my grandsons are a little older.

    1. Thanks, Carol! I would prefer no rain but we wanted to use our family day to the fullest! We'll go back it the summer and for the Canyon Lights at Christmas for sure :) Your grandsons would love it when they're a bit older!

  2. So glad you went! I can't wait to go again, get our passes and then keep going. It's just so fun!

  3. Canyon lights is the best!!