Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. A solo hike up The Chief.  I was at a conference in Squamish and skipped out on lunch and a session that didn't pertain to me and motored my way up The Chief! It took about two hours total.  It's a tough hike but definitely gorgeous up at the top.  Usually I'm afraid of bears while hiking on my own but I really doubt any bear could do that hike ;)

2.  Great roommate at the conference.  Cat, from Thinking Outside the Sandbox: Family, generously shared a room with me even though we barely knew each other.  We're different kinds of bloggers but have a lot in common.

3.  Family walks.  We checked out the new park in Surrey and enjoyed it.  It's nice to be able to spend time together with all six of us as soon we will be down to five.

4.  Our kids. They rock. 

5.  Recordable book.  I found it at Hallmark and it wasn't cheap.  I wanted it so that our Little One could hear me (and the kids) reading a bedtime story when this child is not with us.  It worked well.  The battery area does get covered, I was just in the recording stage here.

6.  Kai's passing skills. Kai is the yellow shoes and had a great assist of the only goal their team got on Sunday.  He had more assists and goals in the first game than he did all last season so he's definitely improved!  He also had his first hat trick on Tuesday, I was really happy for him. 

7.  Family time in Steveston.  We had an afternoon with just the five of us and so we went to Steveston after Kai's game (in Richmond.)  We walked around Garry Point Park, had fish and chips and icecream, and bought some salmon from the docks. 

8.  Photos of Nya.  She does not like sitting and posing for photos but she is happy if I just take photos of her playing. I wanted some for birthday photos as she turns four next month.  I'll share more later.

9. Great morning at the beach. I don't usually like to take three hours "off" and just head head to the beach but it worked well, I should have brought a book!  It was so, so warm. Anyone else have a To Do list that seems to magically grow every single day?  

10. Donation of clothes for our Little One!  Thank you, DN :) So helpful to have spring/summer clothes that we can pass on to our Little One's mama upon return too.

So, that is this week. What are you thankful for today?


PS I am having a Share Your Story {Sunday} series and already two people have asked to write for it! Yeehaw!  If you are interested in learning more, check this out. 

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