Monday, April 11, 2016

How Netflix Keeps Me Fit and Focused

Netflix is good for a lot more than just a date on the couch or keeping your kids occupied while making dinner.  I have discovered that it is key to motivation in exercising and editing photos.  I save documentaries, movies, or a series that my husband wouldn't watch for running my two miles on the treadmill in the morning.   I don't let myself watch it at other times so if I want to see what happens, I need to get right back on the next morning!

This week I watched My Beautiful Broken Brain.  It's a documentary about a 34-year-old woman who had a stroke and how it affected her language and ability to read and write. I found it very interesting. Recently I've used my work out time to also watch the Fuller House series and the movie Wild.

When I'm editing wedding photos, I need a show that has interesting enough commentary where the visuals don't matter as much.  I've been watching (listening to) Gilmore Girls for the first time and it makes me so much more motivated to sit down and edit (and keeps me off of Facebook!) The dialogue in this show is fantastic. 

I almost always have a kid (or four!) with me so it's important that we find a show that caters to ages 3-9 if I want to get twenty minutes of exercise or work in.  What are some of the recommendations from Netflix that my kids have enjoyed?

{Okay, this one is just for Nya}

Do you use Netflix to work out or to get work done? It works for me!  Happy Netflixing, friends.


{I'm part of the super awesome #streamteam and opinions are my own!}

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  1. I read somewhere that the scripts for Gilmore Girls were double that of a usual TV show because of how quick the dialogue is. Can't wait until the new episodes come out on Netflix!