Sunday, April 10, 2016

#Spring30for30 Week Two

It's week two of the Spring 30 for 30 challenge!  Here we go using 30 items of clothing to make 30 outfits in 30 days. You can see week one here.

Day 4: Trying to make sure I wear more colourful clothes.  This whole outfit was bought secondhand (GAP capris $5 from VV)

Day 5: Rainy day meant time for my purple RW&Co Sweater (friend's garage sale-$2) and Bootlegger jeans (VV). I wore the outfit with brown boots.

Day 6:  I was working from home so needed comfy editing clothes. Buffalo jeans and Elle est forte shirt from SHE IS Clothing (code: TALKNERDY gives you 25% off to help with the USD).

Day 7: SHE IS shirt and cut off shorts for a morning in the tulip field and an afternoon editing. Plaid shirt/coat from Costco.  The photo on the right is how I automatically want to pose in each's like a "Louise is in the house, yo!" (Well, that's what I feel in my head.)

Day 8: I was supposed to be at a conference all day but Nya Bear got was my comfy GAP dress day! And since I feel silly with the same pose every day, let's make it a bit more fun with a lunge of sorts.  I like pairing this dress with my jean jacket and I'm actually not sure how else I could wear it so...this may be the only time I'm allowed to wear it this month!

Day 9: It was another conference day so I wore my RW&Co jean skirt, shirt from Winners and cardigan from Target.

Day 10: Church day means I like to dress up a bit.  I wore a mint GAP maxi dress with a white jean jacket (Parasuco from Costco-$24.99)  I still can't figure out a flattering way to wear a maxi dress but this is my attempt for the day.

As always, thank you so much for following in this "break out of my comfort zone" journey! I love seeing your feedback on Facebook and that some of you are joining in on Instagram!  I am definitely wearing more pieces of clothing from my closet than I normally would.

If you'd like to see what other outfits some blogger friends are coming up with, check them out below! You can also follow along on IG with #Spring30for30

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  1. I really enjoying this challenge, not only I get to post on Instagram, which I would have never done otherwise, but also I got to know 11 absolutely amazing individuals a long the way! I really love your pictures. They are so playful and they truly bring a smile to your face!

    1. I love seeing your outfit choices on IG, Roya!

  2. I love how different your look/style is each day!
    P.S. I actually 'lol'ed at your "Louise is in the house, yo!" comment. Love that you're confident enough to share your crazy side (because we all have one, right?).

    1. I dare you to try, Laura!! It's been good for me to branch out from the same old! And yes, we all have that side :)

  3. you are lucky, Louise! So many colours look great on you! That green/navy dress looks so comfy and stylish too!