Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday

You guys! I'm not at home today.  This is very unusual as I've never spent two nights away from my family before but an opportunity came up (#9) and I was encouraged to take it. This week I am thankful for:

1.  Spring blossoms. So incredibly beautiful, right?

2. Kai Bear's hard work.  I missed Kai's last hockey game because of a birthday party but he scored a goal and had two assists!  Gary said he had some great passes which makes me really happy–setting others up for success. I had to take all four monkeys to his hockey game on Tuesday and was able to see him score then, so great!  PS In case you've noticed that I rarely have photos of Kai, it's because he doesn't want to be in them as often anymore.  I'm really trying to follow his desires in this but at the same time encouraging him to think about how they are important to me.

3. Warm spring evenings. The light is so gorgeous and it makes it so conducive to an after dinner family walk.

4. Superdad Gary. When we were first parents, I was a bit...controlling.  I liked to do it on my own as much as possible because Gary did it differently and different was uncertainty. Well guess what, he's fun and all the kids are okay.  I've released so much control and we're definitely teammates on this.

5.  These chocolate chip cookies. I used to make cookies every week but now, well, I don't because of the whole sugar thing (we try to limit our refined sugar.)  Nya wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies so I pulled out this recipe because it's my favourite.

6. My niece Kieryn being okay.  She had a ruptured appendix but is doing very well now!

7.  Nature. My happy place.  How incredible is a dandelion?  Look at how those seeds all hold each other in place and then release when the conditions are favourable? There's a good analogy there, I'm sure!

8.  Doing motherhood with my sisters.  It's a harder journey than I thought so I'm thankful for each and every community that I'm part of.  These kiddos were all born four years ago :)

9.  Winning a CIMC 2016 conference pass in Squamish.  This is so out of my comfort zone to be at a conference on internet marketing but I couldn't pass it up!  Also, I was able to secure childcare to do so which is always tricky with four kids.  I guess it wasn't really "free" considering I had to say no to a day of work and pay for more childcare but hopefully still worth it! So, that is where I am right now–away from my family while Gary holds down the fort.

10.  Empowered to Connect conference.  It took place on Friday and Saturday and was a great way to go over some of Karyn Purvis' teaching on connecting with children–especially those from hard places.  I am not good at sitting in a seat for hours on end but the information was worth it. Sadly, Karyn Purvis passed away this week from cancer.  If you've never checked out her videos, I would highly recommend it.  I also wrote a bit about what I learned here.

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Great list!
    1. I love spring blossoms too - still to come in Ontario
    6. Glad your niece is alright
    7. Amazing photo of the dandelion "fluff" - with the one seed just breaking away!
    9. Hope you are enjoying the conference and your time away!

    1. Forgot to mention the adorable cousin photo!

  2. 1. I love an after dinner walk! One of my favourite things about these longer days.
    2. That dandelion picture is amazing!
    3. I still can't believe you and all your sisters were pregnant at the same time. So super cool. And I just love Nya's pose.