Sunday, April 24, 2016

#Spring30for30 Week Four

Hello, friends!  Are you tired of seeing me in front of my mirror posing yet?  I am.  This month brought the challenge of 30 items of clothing making 30 different outfits in 30 days.  You can see the first weeks here, here and here. I am so ready to add some more to my wardrobe.

Day 18: Old Navy sundress.  It got up to 30 C in Surrey so I only wore the cardigan until noon.  And yes, wedges + Fitbit.  I'm cool like that.

Day 19: Another really hot day so cut off jean shorts and a shirt from Winners.

Day 20: It was a warm day where I was running around all day from track meets to meetings to student led conferences etc. I'm wearing my Elle Est Forte shirt (SHE IS Clothing) and an athletic Nike skirt (Winners).  I don't know if this works but I was comfortable!

Day 21: Old Navy jean skirt, tank from Winners and black cardigan.  I didn't really wear heels when I went out because...I don't do that unless it's church or I don't have to walk far.


Day 22: Exercise clothes! I hiked Quarry Rock with the boys and wore a Lululemon tank and SHE IS sweater.  I did dress in normal clothes for the evening as I met a friend for a beer.

Day 23: Exercise clothes again. Gary and I got away to the Sea to Sky Gondola for a date day!  So wonderful. Top is from Costco, leggings are from Winners and my Brooks are my favourite runners ever.

Day 24: Pink Banana Republic dress that I love and jean jacket. 

Only one more week of seeing my outfits! After that, it's on to Share Your Story {Sunday} and I'm really looking forward to seeing what stories YOU share.  If you'd like to contribute, please message or email me!


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  1. you wear brooks too? me too! they're awesome.