Friday, February 26, 2016

Five Tips for Organizing Your Home

Our house currently has four kids under the age of nine.  This means that we have a lot of books, papers, backpacks, shoes, coats, toys etc.  How do we try to keep things organized and relatively clutter-free? A lot of these ideas stem from minimalism and the desire to be intentional about what we own and why. 

1.  File homework and library books into a safe place where we can see it (to be reminded) and where it is out of reach of little hands. Nya really just puts her crafts in her section and after a week they get recycled or placed on the Art Board. There is a basket for all the LeapPads and chargers and games.

Organizing kids homework

2.  Lockers for their shoes, hats, backpacks, and jackets. This is my absolute favourite organizational item in our home; the kids know when they come home to put everything in their cubby.  You can find the post on it here.
Lockers for kids backpacks and coats

3. Large ottoman that works as a coffee table and toy storage.  We have had this for nine years and it is a great place to store all the toys for younger kids.  Besides, with four high-energy kids, a padded "coffee table" has probably saved us from stitches a time or two! 

Storage ottoman for kids toys

This is the same idea; a coffee table/basket used for blanket storage. Dual purpose is the way to go!

4.  This old CD storage shelf has turned into a great way to store Nya's shoes in her bedroom.  I keep the next size/season ready to go and just cycle new ones in as she moves up a size.

CD rack used as shoe rack for kids

5.  Beds with drawers for storage underneath.  I wish that we had thought of this when we bought our bedroom furniture years ago. By the way, this Brimnes bed goes from twin to double, how practical, right?!

IKEA Brimnes bed with storage

What are some ways that you help to minimize clutter and keep things organized?


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Five simple tips for organizing your home. If you have kids you likely need a system for backpacks, toys and shoes! This is a great resource.


  1. Loved this! But I also love organization... David and I just need to bite the bullet and purchase some Ikea organizational furniture.
    We also have the padded "coffee table" with storage. We're resisting getting a "real" coffee table for the exact reason you've kept this one! Haha

    1. I do get coffee table envy but my practicality trumps it!

  2. Man, I still love those lockers!!

  3. Under bed storage is the best! Both ours and Myles' bed have big drawers underneath which is a life saver because we have no closets in our house. I really want to get an ottoman for toy storage too!

    1. So nice that your bed has it too! When we replace our bedroom furniture, we will be sure do to the same!

  4. Oh i love your coffee table/basket! And definitely will be coming up with some type of locker system once bubba gets bigger and more kids come along. I finally started a type of home organization binder which includes important papers like finances, insurance policies etc and keeps them all in one place. It's been SO amazing to have on hand and i'm wishing I started it years ago!