Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Manning Park {Family Day}

It was Family Day in B.C. yesterday and the weather was gorgeous! We decided to go to Manning Park as we had never taken the kids there in the winter before (but LOVED it in the summer!)  It is a two hour drive which is longer than we prefer but the scenery is incredible.  If we didn't have kids in the van, I would've asked Gary to stop so many times so I could get out and take photos.  

We spent time at the lodge area sledding and playing in the snow and then drove another 4 km down to Lightning Lake day use area.  We brought our snowshoes but the kids were pretty tired by that point so we just walked around 1/4 of the lake and then across the lake to get back to our car.
It was so beautiful.  

I'm thankful for this family of mine.  I hope you had a great weekend, too!


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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the one of Nya helping LO up the hill :)