Friday, February 05, 2016

Five Funny Things My Kids Have Said

One of my favourite things about having kids is that they are usually quite funny. That's a good thing too because parenting is hard work! One of my favourite stories in the Bum Rash Chant which you can find here but here are some other moments that made me smile:

Here are five amusing things that my kids have said over the years...

Me: Kai, I'd like you to make a card for grandma.
Kai: What should it say?
Me: Whatever you want. (see photo below)

Son holding sign that says "whatever you want"

Kai: Look mommy, I made you you this beautiful necklace.
Me: Oh thank you!
Kai: It will cost you $1.00.
Me: What?
Kai: Well, usually jewelry costs like $50 so I just saved you $49!
("beautiful necklace" below)

Koen: Mom, you look so old.
Me: Um, thanks. I think most moms want to hear that they look beautiful.
Koen: You look like a beautiful old lady.

Me: What should I bring to the baby shower?
Koen: Soap, of course!

Kai (on seeing Froot Loops for the first time): I LOVE these so much, they're my favourite!! I've never had them before.

Bonus one:

Kai loves the show Amazing Race and hopes to be on it one day. I applied but I don't really have a "thing" that makes me interesting enough.
Kai: Mom, you and dad need to apply for the next Amazing Race! Your thing will be that you broke your jaw and dad broke his clavicle. You can be team hashtag #brokenbones.

What is something funny that your kids have said?


Need a quick chuckle? Here are five funny things that my kids have said.

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  1. Kai must've learned his marketing skills from auntie jani :)