Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1.  Free movies from the library.  This was the first time that I'd say that movie was better than the book due to the visuals but I was very disappointed with the last 1/4 in regards to deviating from the book in at least four ways. 

2. My Valentines.  This was the "quick, before we go to church" photo...we don't usually look put together like this. Ha.

3. A walk through Hi-Knoll Park.  Our Koey had a rough morning so the walk was not relaxing but thankfully seeing an owl made everyone happy.  It was nice to get out before the rain came!

4.  Valentine's Donuts.  For a special treat we like to walk to Tim Hortons.  The kids LOVE Roll Up The Rim so we go a little more around this time of year.

5. Determination.  So, I wish Koen read because he loved it but he's just really trying to keep "leveling up"...he's currently at a level I/J and is pretty pumped about that.

6. Living in such a green location.  I love seeing life everywhere, it invigorates me!  

7.  One-on-one time with Koen.  I have 2.5 hours to myself each week and this time Koen was home not feeling 100%.  By the afternoon he was fine so we went exploring on Houston Trail.  It was really nice connecting with him and I do feel that he would do so well in a homeschool environment.  I couldn't do it for all my kids (Kai learns best in a classroom) but I would for him because I feel it would be a good fit.  We will see.  

8.  A White Spot Burger.  I've had a $10 gift certificate for months and Valentine's Day was the perfect time to redeem it.  I ate it in bed while Gary fed the kids a healthier dinner downstairs.  Sometimes I just need some time to myself enjoying something comforting :)  I haven't had one of their burgers in years, and wow, was it worth it. Yum!

9.  Gary's almost done basketball.  He has one more week to go and then I will have him back 100%!! I can't wait.  Winters are always the hardest in regards to parenting: Gary has bball most evenings, it's raining, kids are sick etc. This picture just depicts how we feel right now...TIRED!

10.  Books.  I have to actually write "Read for one hour" on my To Do list to get it done. I love it so much and need to make time for it.  I just finished "The Girl You Left Behind" (I give it 6.5/10) and am moving on to "The Illegal".  The other two are not library books so I'm not in as much of a rush to get to them! 

Life is good.  It is very, very hard for me not knowing what is going to happen with our Little One right now.  There is a tentative plan but we are currently on Plan C for timeline so I really have no idea what will happen.  Trying to be flexible and trusting and just appreciating each and every day with this child.  We will miss LO so much but are hopeful to remain in contact.  I feel like I'm bragging but our LO is brilliant :)  Ha, okay, maybe not brilliant but has totally surprised us. When this child came, we (professionals and myself) were not sure about whether this child would be able to do certain things, and in the last few months, not only have those skills been mastered but surpassed.  Super awesome. Proud mama over here.

I hope you are having a great week!  Hopefully you can find something to be thankful about today and every day.



  1. So for book club, one of my picks is the illegal and I totally thought it would be something you would like since it's about running and Africa! I am glad your LO flourished and learned so much with you - such a testament to your love and encouragement and support!

  2. Oh and since you like to know what we are thankful for, I am thankful for only getting up once last night with the baby!

  3. Wonderful how LO has improved and surpassed expectations. I think you, Gary and your children can certainly take some of the credit for that!