Thursday, January 01, 2015

Getting Organized: Lockers For The Kids

Our house has a small entryway and so there always seemed to be an overabundance of coats, vests, boots, backpacks and shoes. Our office, also at the entrance, was looking very cluttered. I can't even show you a "before" picture as it's too embarrassing. We are in the process of putting in new floors and converting it into a mudroom/office ourselves.  It's not close to being done yet but I just want to give you a sneak peek at one of the ideas that we had: Lockers for the kids through an Ikea hack!

We bought this unit, Lappland, from Ikea for $179.00. This unit works well for us because our office is just 10 X 10 feet and we need room for two desks in it too.
{Photo from Ikea}
We didn't put on the second long shelf along the bottom and instead used it as one of the dividers. Gary bought some more wood and hooks from Home Depot and now the kids have individual lockers for their backpacks and coats! A piece of baseboard runs along the back to allow for more hooks.

Once the room is completed, I will buy new matching baskets as the flooring will be grey tiles. For now, I'm just using what we have.

Although a custom built unit would be lovely, this definitely works for $230.00 and our skill level. I love organization!

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  1. AMAZING> totally love this. Please show the before picture :)

    1. Kelly, how about when it's ALL done (floors, bins, desks), I'll share the chaotic before picture :)

  2. Laura9:59 AM

    Can you describe in more detail how you transformed this to have the individual locker sections? Did you have to get more wood cut or do any major additional changes?

    1. Hi Laura, one of the dividers used came from an extra piece (there is supposed to be another shelf on the bottom) and then two more white pieces were bought at a local hardware store which my husband cut to size.