Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Whonnock Lake {Maple Ridge}

After visiting Kanaka Creek Cliff Falls, we took a five minute drive over to Whonnock Lake (still in Maple Ridge, B.C.) We have photographed at least 4 weddings here and it is a beautiful venue for it! There aren't any walking trails that we know of so we just walked out on the docks and then played on the new playground that they have.  If you were to come in the summer, there is a beach with a swimming area as well!

The wood-based playground also includes slides and swings so it is great for all ages.  I love how it fits so well into the surroundings; it's beautiful.

{Hey kids, let's jump! Or not.}

If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing afternoon, this is a great place to just exhale and be.  

Are you looking for a beautiful place to visit in Maple Ridge? This lake is gorgeous and there is also a great playground for the kids!

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