Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1.  Netflix.  I love it!  Gary and I are still watching Prison Break and I love that time that we have together.

2.  A sunny Tuesday to get a good walk in.  Nya and I did the 4km loop on Brae Island again.  I brought the stroller because I didn't want it to take five hours.

3.  Lunch with my Nya Bear.  She came with my to speak to a Family Studies class about fostering, then to the chiropractor, then on a walk.  I never used to take the boys out to eat with me but I feel like they had to do way fewer errands with me!

4.  A fun and safe family day.  There was an incident with the two boys on their sled and I'm so glad that they are okay.  It's that balance between letting them take risks and keeping them safe.  I definitely push myself to let them be wilder but then when something happens I second guess it all.  Anyway, back to Family Day.  It was beautiful and fun.

5.  Going on adventures.  I used to be quite adventurous (hiking, racing etc) and since having kids, I haven't gone on overnight hikes or anything really "exciting".  Our adventures are different now and I do appreciate them.  Hopefully Gary and I are still in tip top shape when he retires so we can just...go!

6.  An adventure-loving husband.  Oh man, this was something important to me when waiting to find a husband (how do you phrase that?)  When we led a hiking trip for a whole bunch of students, I realized that an outdoorsy kinda guy was something that I really would like on my "husband material" list.

7.  Good sleepers.  Our three kids sleep 8pm to 6am and I am so thankful for that!  We are trying something new with our Little One...leaving the bedroom door open.  This is a bit risky but so far this makes our LO feel safer. LO always walks into Nya's room to get her in the morning at a somewhat reasonable hour (well, somehow 5 am is now considered reasonable?!)  Then they both come into our room for cuddles with is pretty sweet.  

8.  Variety of food.  When I lived in Kenya, I had the same food every single day.  When I went through school, I saved my money and ate whatever was affordable.  I love food so much, it's such a pleasure in life so I'm thankful for all the wonderful options we have!

9.  Our Koey.  He is one-of-a-kind.  I see some of my dad in him (mischevious) and myself (emotional) and then there is so much more to him.  He is determined and focused and sweet.  He climbed this rock wall five times without fear...even when he slipped to the bottom at one point.  He would've kept going for hours if we didn't have to leave.

10. The opportunity for Nya and I to be in a video campaign at Tynehead.  It was a unique experience and I'll share it once it's complete.  Nya was pretty awesome considering she didn't really get why we had to redo the same thing over and over again when normally we'd just go geocaching!

What are you thankful for today?



  1. 1. I am totally 1 in 6.
    2. You have 4 kids - you are still very adventurous ;)
    3. You guys look great in picture #6!

    1. Maintaining our cool while the kids attacked each other :)

  2. #3 - there are definitely perks to being the youngest child!
    #5 - I think you are currently very adventuresome - what about the zip-lines you did a few weeks ago?
    #10 - looking forward to seeing you and Nya being film stars!

    1. I agree! I wonder what sort of things my little sister got to do that I didn't...Hope you had a great visit with the grandkids!

  3. That pathway shown in the last picture... is that one part of the dog park? I go there a ton, I finally took that trail cause I didn't know where it led to... but it doesn't really go anywhere? Or am I missing something! Maybe it's not even the same one, just looks familiar :)
    love your post :) cute kids, and you and gary look awesome!

    1. It is! Good eye. It leads to a geocache ;) But also, about 100 meters in, it leads to another trail.