Thursday, February 04, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Daddy daughter moments.  I love seeing Gary with his daughter, they love each other so much!

2.  Living in the City of Parks.  We love to go, go, go!

3. Word of encouragement in regards to our Little One. Our LO's social worker's boss (got that?) pulled me aside to say "our whole team is very impressed with what you've done". We have not received much encouragement from the foster system (other than fellow parents) so this made my day!

4.  Wearing glasses.  Dudes, the world is so crisp.

5.  Bedtime stories.  Sometimes we want to rush the 7-8pm hour but I believe it is so critical to connect with these kids each night.  Gary and I usually try to rotate between who gets the younger two and who takes the older two, although, the younger two generally prefer mama.

6. Daddy daughter day at preschool.  That's their family flag. They both have food in their mouth which is why their smiles are so silly.

7.  Sea salt + dark chocolate + pumpkin seeds = bark thins. YUM.  Good source of iron, friends.

8.  American Ninja Warrior is back.  Ninja Nya, in the house.

9.  Cleats for $4.  Kai will be playing for several months but won't be playing again until probably next year so I didn't want to invest in ones that he will only wear for a short time.  Voila!

10.  My washing machine and dryer. Love them. So well used. So appreciated.

What are YOU thankful for today?



  1. I am so pleased that you received that nice encouragement from the Foster system! You deserve it! I am thankful for technology (FaceTime, videos) and jets that connect me to my grandchildren, even though they live far away! Coming west in person this evening!

  2. P.S. One of your family pictures made it onto my Friend's Day video that Facebook is doing today!

  3. I was wondering why your kids were looking at a surf board in that third picture :) Glad you are getting good affirmation from within the system!

  4. #3 & #7 - YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!