Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for:

1. Boys who can hike.  I know Miss Nya will be awesome at it in another year or so and I'm glad!  We love the outdoors.  I can't wait to explore more with them and the day we do our first overnight hike will be pretty exciting.   I've done the West Coast Trail three times in my life but definitely want to do it one more time with my kids before I'm too old.  In my head I have so many ideas (bike trips, kayaking, hiking etc) and I know I just need to be patient.

2.  A special relationship between Kai and Nya.  They don't bug each other and Kai is so loving and tender towards her.  It is really, really, reaaaaaaally sweet.

3.  Gary being home early on Monday.  He is currently in the exam period at school so he's able to be home some days.  I had a bigger group than normal at `Auntie Louise's Daycare' this week due to the strike so I was thankful for back up when I took them to the park!

4.  Peonies at Costco.  I was looking for teacher gifts and thought these would be perfect for Koen's preschool teachers.  I love peonies and probably should've bought myself some too.  They smelled so good.

5.  Kids who will eat almost anything.  Koen is our least picky and the only thing he will not eat is avacado.  His top three foods are; mango pits, regular mango, mango cubes.  I must remember this if I want to be a good mom ;)  (The other day he was shocked that I did not know his 5th favourite colour). 

6.  A husband who can make food for potlucks.  We probably go to at least one potluck per month and now I never need to worry.  Gary enjoys cooking much more than I do and I no longer feel like `I should do this!' with all the pressure of trying to make something awesome.   It automatically falls on his plate (ha) and I just take care of everything else.

7.  Three camping trips this summer.  It's so fun to have something to look forward to.  We haven't camped with Nya before so I know it will be interesting trying to get her to sleep in a tent.  I can't wait!

{One of the places we are going back to; Nehalem Bay State Park in Oregon.  So beautiful.}

8. A husband who loves `simple Louise'.  See paragraph three of our wedding vows :)  This is a whole blog post on it's own.  As I was prepping for the awards evening I just kept thinking `How much do I want to put into how I look?' (money and time wise).   This is something I often revisit because I feel most comfortable at a `moderate level' if that makes sense. 

9.  The way Koen gets himself to smile.  He tickles his own belly.

10.  A great preschool for Koen.  He has had the same teachers for two years and they are wonderful.  I think they really `get' him :)

All right, people. So...I would looooove to know who is reading.  You don't have to comment but I would sure love it if you did :)  Let's see, maybe if I ask you a specific question, then it's easier to comment.  What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Love, Louise

PS Do you see where my dad is?  


  1. you know I read :)

    I love that he tickles his own belly to make himself smile :)

    yesterday, i also enjoyed a delicious mango and smelled some lovely peonies!

  2. You know I read too.

    I always look forward to Thursdays to see what you've come up with :)

    Has Koen ever tried dried mangoes? They're a favourite with Matthew, Kayla and myself. They really put my self control to a test :)

  3. Lauara-he has tried and loves those too. Wonder why he didn't add #4 to that list :) Have you ever tried the chocolate covered dried mangoes from costco? soooooo goood!

  4. Anonymous8:54 AM

    In looking forward to being in Canada and my family meeting Myles and our Photoshoot with u!
    Lynn w

  5. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Love that paragraph in Gary's vows!! So so sweet :)


  6. Lynn-likewise!!!

    Brianne-I like the vows too :) We each wrote our own, I loved personalizing it!

  7. #9 - What a ham. So cute.

    Love the vows and how you have them printed as a keepsake :)

  8. Kristin McNair5:36 PM

    I always read, but probably don't comment enough! I had no idea you did the West Coast Trail three times. That's awesome. That's what I'm looking forward to most this summer. We've been talking about it for awhile and now it's a reality. It'll be a challenge, but I know it'll be so amazing. And what would be a better way to spend our one year anniversary!

  9. Anonymous6:05 PM

    We also wrote our own vows. I actually have them framed and on our end tables on either side of our bed. Phil's are on my side and mine on his. My love language is words of affirmation so that's probably why I like having them there :). -brianne

  10. Brianne-awesome idea! I'm going to do that! We don't have the vows I wrote but I will type up Gary's in a nice font and put it in a frame!

    Kristin-have a great time on the hike! It's tough but soooo beautiful!

  11. His wedding vow to you was beautiful. So special!

  12. Hey Louise..I read your blog!! Anyway, we really don't have any major plans this summer...we already went on our holiday. I think we will do some camping trips. I love that you are tent campers, as are we!!!

  13. Ola! I am looking forward to being in Vancouver for two weeks because that comes with family pictures with you, a trip to Seattle with my Mama and just getting the heck out of small town life! It also means I will spend too much money at Starbucks because there's one 5 minutes away from both parents houses!