Friday, June 20, 2014

Only 19% of British Columbians...

have signed up to be organ donors.  That was the statistic in April 2014 and I'm not sure how much it's changed.

My friend George (who is my best friend Lynette's younger brother) was born with Cystic Fibrosis and received a double lung transplant in 2010 when he had maybe 4 months left to live and it has changed his life.  He still has CF but it is no longer affects his lungs.  Tomorrow he starting to bike from Surrey, BC to Banff, AB (taking just 9 days!!) with GearUp4CF to raise awareness and funds for CF.  I checked out his personal fundraising page and he has raised over $14,000!

{George with his wife Kim}

You can see an interview with him here that took place last year before doing GearUp4CF ride for the first time.  The interview shows the journey of his lung transplant and he is such a great advocate for organ donation.  You can see another 2 minute interview with Global here.  If you want to follow his blog, click here as he plans to update along the way.  So many links, I know.

Go George Go!  And....if you aren't signed up yet to be an organ donor, you can do it here :)  If you're not sure if you are a donor or not, you can verify it there too.

Have a great weekend.



  1. I am!! I even put it in my will to be extra clear to my loved ones.

  2. I am in the 19%, seems so low thought, right?

  3. great post - i'm an organ donor :)

    Random question - has your views gone up since the blogger competition you were in?! Just curious if you have way more readers now!

  4. Good job, friends! Lisa, I think based on what I read, that over 50% of people think they are actually donors so that may be why it's so low, they don't think they need to fill anything out.

    Shannon-great question! Once I get pictures from the celebration evening, I'm going to post all of that stuff. BUT to answer your awesome question, normally my daily page views were 300-400 on days I posted and now they are 400-600! If I wanted to get more views, there are a few things I could do but for right now...not making any changes :)