Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for:

1.  A beautiful little girl who LOVES it when I take pictures of her.  I needed a break from editing wedding photos yesterday so we just went into the backyard to get a few photos of Nya in her new headband.  I tried to resist buying it because she has so many but I just had cute and comfy.  
{PS You want your toddler to sit still? Give them flowers and put them in a chair.}

2.  So many supportive friends.  From the news of us fostering to the voting for Vancouver's Top 30 Mom Bloggers.  I used to feel very sad that my number one cheerleader, my mom, was no longer here on Earth.  In her place I see that I have hundreds of amazing people cheering me on.  Thank you.  PS I think daily of how close I was to winning such an awesome trip!! I wish it hadn't been so close :)

3.  Koen and Nya getting along the past two days.  Usually I need to break up a fight every 10 minutes or so.  The past few days, they were only fighting maybe once/ hour.

4.  Being able to go to Kai's Sports Day for a couple of the stations.  This Survivor In The Forest one was pretty fun!

5.  My dad's safety. Yikes.  Don't really want to know where he is....

6.  A good day babysitting.  I babysit my nieces once a week for half a day.  I had an extra niece this week but it was totally fine.  Thankfully the weather was great and we spent an hour walking/running and playing at the park. 

7. Birthday celebrations with the Chapmans.  Our kids are at an age now where I can relax a bit more and not worry about what they are getting into.  They love hanging out with their bigger cousins.  Nya loves singing Happy Birthday.

8. Koen starting to read books to Nya.  Koen is actually reading now!  Last night he read from Sandra Boynton's `But Not The Hippopotamus' and he can read words like `The hog and the frog do a dance in the bog' (but he couldn't read the word dance). Go Koey Go!

9. The 15 minute date.  Gary and I have had several dates this week.  On the front porch.  Around 10 pm, we head outside for 15 minutes of uninterrupted conversation. No computer, tv or phone.  It's amazing how much can get discussed without three little children and technology.

10.  A new dress.  I have the 2014 Top Mom Blogger of Vancouver Celebration Evening tonight and I didn't really have anything nice that fit well since, well, since Nya was born and I never lost those extra 10lbs.  It has pockets. It's comfortable. It's cute (I think!).  I seriously had 1 hour to run around the mall to try to find one and ended up at Winners.  Now, I need to know; necklace or no necklace? 

Actually, necklace or no necklace AND if necklace, which one?!  I need to know by 5 pm tonight :)  Oh man, if this is the biggest concern of the day, what an great day hey?

I hope you've had a great week.  I'll have to post some pictures of myself all done up tonight.  By done up I mean with a dress on.  Actually, my sister Maria gave me a free make up application from Spa Utopia so I will have make up on too!  

Have a wonderful day!

Love, Louise 


  1. A necklace for sure. Hmm... I think maybe the blue necklace. Have fun this evening!

  2. Love the date nights and the dress! I vote for the blue necklace.

  3. I LOVE the blue one! Perfect pop of color with the black & white dress. Love the dress by the way! Great choice.

  4. I like the blue necklace as well!

  5. gorgeous dress! and blue necklace ;)

  6. Anonymous12:35 PM

    If you do no necklace then definitely a pair of bolder fun shoes with a matching purse. Or if necklace then def the blue one :) you will look great for sure in that cute pattern!! :)

  7. I vote for the blue necklace too :)
    Have fun Louise!

  8. Anonymous3:12 PM

    That anonymous was Brianne :)

  9. Brianne, I wondered who it was! Unfortunately I have no bold shoes or fun purse so blue necklace it is. Note to self: one day buy fun shoes :)

  10. glad you chose the blue one. super cute - love the dress too! Have fun tonight :)