Thursday, June 05, 2014

Thankful Thursday

**Thoughts and prayers for all of those in Moncton.  I have stayed there twice and it's a beautiful small town full of lovely people.  Thinking of the police officers and the families who have lost loved ones.  No segue into my Thankful Thursday but wanted to recognize this tradgedy. **

Thankful for:
1. Instagram.  I had a friend recommend it to me last year but I kept putting it off.  I wish I started way sooner!  It is so easy to use and if you don't have it yet, I recommend it.  It is great if you like to look at people's pictures but don't love all the articles and advertisements that take up for your facebook feed.  Also, if you put a photo on instagram you have the option of sending it to twitter and facebook at the same time.  You can search hashtags and had I started my photography business more recently, and was trying to build it, I would definitely be using it!  For me, I only use it maybe 10 minutes a day.

2. A patient husband.  He can read `Dora Dances' over and over and over again.

3. Safe travels for my dad so far.  It's so great to see people having a great dream and then making it a reality.  If you don't know my dad, he had a heart attack years ago and actually had to have the paddles to bring him back.  He's also had cancer, so ya, live life while you can!

4.  My dad taking the kids for an hour last work so I could work! Right now is the crazy busy wedding season so anyone offering to watch my kids so I don't have to break up a fight between editing each and every photo is definitely appreciated.  You can see the kids have planes in their hands.  Having a business while working from home has definitely become more difficult with three children!

5.  Awesome clients and locations.  I love, love, love the people we get to photograph and ya, the weather has been fabulous and just makes everything look way more amazing.

6.  All three kids fitting in the backseat!  Yay, it makes travelling in the new car an option.

7.  Soap.  Foamy soap makes hand cleaning a little more fun when you're little!

8. Dress up shoes.  I would've loved these as a kid.  She can motor in these much better than I could!

9. My biking buddy.  What is sweeter than hearing her singing behind me? I don't know. I love our little conversations with her four word sentences.  Hearing about the world through a sweet two year old voice is heavenly.

10.  Big brothers who help put their sister's new bed together.  And a husband who encourages them to learn and help. 

All right, off to play a game of Memory with Koen and I'm sure Nya is going to scream until we let her play too.  Wish I had Gary's patience.  

Love, Louise

Also, just to add:  This is the last day to vote as it ends sometime tomorrow afternoon!  Here is the link in case you haven't done so yet :) Please and thank you.  I know I'm a `little guy' but man, a trip like this would be awesome for Gary and I!


  1. I desperately wanted a pair of shoes like that when I was a kid :)

  2. I am an instagram-resistor. i don't put face pictures on fb so that may be, another social media account? ugh...still resisting...

  3. Kelly, I thought the same thing about it being another social media time suck. I promise it takes up way less of your time. You don't need faces! A lot is just beautiful views, food etc. you could set up a business one?

  4. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Louise, if you let me drive your vehicle I could pick up the kids and bring them here for a few hours!? I'm serious! :)
    Also, I can't believe Nya is saying 4 word sentences! Wow, smart little cookie! :)