Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Family Hike Video

Last year I bought Gary a GoPro for Father's Day and it ended up being such a great gift.  He uses it on all of his outdoor trips and used it for our hike on Sunday.  Most people don't watch videos but it's here for us then :)

Love, Louise

PS Below is our Grouse Grind hike from last year.


  1. Jake, yes, it is across the golf course so I think it is considered Ledgeview/McKee Peak (a lot of mountain bikers so I'm sure you've been there!).

  2. WHAT? That's by the ranch. Tell me if you go again, there's a stunner of a hike under the cliffs there.

  3. Awesome!!! I have never done the Grouse Grind and that video made me think I might never do it. Your kids are troopers. As are you.