Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Wow, Thankful Thursday time already!

Thankful for:

1. A great pediatric emergency room to visit.  I know that sounds weird but it went well. I've never been to the new Surrey one but Nya had her first visit this week.  She woke up in pain 5am on Wednesday morning and was unable to open her eye.  It was very, very swollen.  I was pretty sure it was pink eye but had never seen so much swelling with that so I was concerned there could be something in there.  We were in and out within 1.5 hours and she was a rockstar.  So thankful for our medical system.  Awesome nurses and doctors there.


2. Antibiotic ointment.  She has an infection in both eyes but 24 hours later is looking so much better.  Unlike the boys, she is completely fine with me putting ointment into her eyes and actually asks for more.

3.  Free Family Fun.  We went to the Nature Center this week and then on Wednesday evening I took the boys to the Willoughby Fire Hall for their Open House.  Leo the Lion was there (from the BC Lions) and Kai was super excited about that.  Koen got to use the fire hose, we saw the `Jaws of Life' in action, AND we got to go in a smoke simulation room which was pretty cool/interesting.


4.  Nya developing friendships.  Her closest friends are her little cousins and then some kids from church.  Lauren is Lynette's daughter and these two are starting to play together a bit more.  Hopefully Nya didn't give her pink eye!


5.  An awesome teacher for Kai Bear.  We love Mrs. B and I'm so thankful that she taught Kai.  I think she understands him so well and did a fabulous job at encouraging him to grow in all areas of his life; academically, spiritually, socially etc.


6. A sister on maternity leave!  We went to Redwood Park for a walk last week with the kids.  This means that my newest niece or nephew is almost here.   I have 16 nieces and nephews so far.


7.  Warmer weather which means more bottles to collect :)  I can't believe people litter so much but their naughtiness is our gain.  I'm trying to think of another fundraiser that the boys can do to make more money...having a lemonade stand? Ice cream stand?


8.  Hockey, hockey, hockey.  I love that Kai runs around with the neighbour boys for 1-2 hours a day playing sports.  We can now let them do their thing and they can work things out on their own without us around.


9.  A new fan for our office.  We do have an air conditioner that we put in the main part of our house but our office is separate.  We picked it up from Costco and it works so well!


10.  Family bike rides.  We can all bike now with Nya being in the carrier behind me.  So excited for camping with our bikes this year!


11. A bonus one: A child that likes to colour!!  Hours of colouring on her own = awesomeness.  I just have such great memories of it when I was a kid and it's a fabulous way to keep her busy when I'm making dinner. The boys have probably asked to colour once in their lives (not kidding) and she asks multiple times each day.  She is now obsessed with colouring pictures of Dora.


I hope you are having an awesome week!  I probably won't be back here until after the weekend as we are photographing a wedding again.  Any fun plans for you?

Love, Louise


  1. awww Lauren is getting so big! whats the age difference between them?

  2. Trish- 6 months! Just like the difference between Hannah and Nya :)

  3. Lou you have a great family. I hope you are so proud!

  4. Tessa-very proud :) I try to limit the bragfest but if it was socially acceptable, I could tell you a million awesome things about them! Oh, but then the boys sometimes do things that drive me nuts so that helps keep me humble.

  5. Good job on the bottle fund for Disneyland! We've been collecting bottles too! A suggestion, pack some plastic bags and go to that huge Canada Day celebration that they have in Cloverdale. I'm sure that you could score big there! We took bags to the rodeo this past weekend and brought home at least 3 full bags. Addison thinks it's a game so it's very fun to find ten cents!

  6. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Love that picture of Nya and Lauren! PS.I'm glad her pink eye cleared quickly! Lauren was in the clear :)