Friday, June 20, 2014

Koen the Preschool Graduate

We had Koen's preschool graduation this week.  He has gone to the same preschool and had the same teachers for two years.   I'm very thankful for these lovely ladies and how they just `get' Koen.

Grandma and Grandpa (Gary's parents) came to the graduation which was really nice.  Nya loves her grandparents!

They asked each child what they would like to be when they grow up and Koen said `How can I know if I'm still little?  I'll be a dad, obviously, and then maybe a teacher.'.

We are veeeeery much looking forward to Koen going to kindergarten.   He is a January 2 baby so he has been ready for a while and so have we.  Academically I think that he is definitely ready for school as he's started reading and like his big brother, he is very interested in math.  We do our `school pages' at home but he definitely needs more.  

Nya is...independent.  Everything is `I do it' and `Go away mommy, I want pibacy (privacy)'.   I have definitely learned to pick my battles and although it may look like she's the boss at times, the only things I feel really need to be `battled out' right now are issues of safety and respect.  She is starting to use much larger sentences and it is pretty cool.  I love that she can communicate most of her thoughts to us.  Here are some cute pictures of her jumping around with Koen.

{Her eyes!!! Awesome, right?}

Oh man, these two test my patience daily.  Walking with them to the park can be excruciating.  Trying to encourage Koen to get dressed in the morning is a full time job (he get sooo distracted).  The steal each other's toys to make the other person scream.  But, there are many good things in there too and seriously, they're pretty adorable.

Love, Louise


  1. Nya's eyes are to die for.

    I'm so glad Thomas isn't the only little boy who takes forever to get dressed in the morning! He keeps asking for Koen to come over. I keep telling him we'll see Koen again, in a while.

  2. What preschool did he go to? I'm already looking into ones for Everly.

    Such great photos.

    I think I need to save up for another family photo session with you.

  3. The one of Nya smiling on your bed (upright) kills me. She is so cute... and so grown up!

  4. Oh, and how could I forget! Congrats Koen on finishing preschool! I love his bow tie!

  5. Tamara-totally recommend it; Discovery Station Willoughby location. His teachers and the program were fantastic. I suggest going to check it out in September :) Maybe Nya and Everly will be in the same class!

  6. Beth-you will see Koen!! Let me know when you're settled and we'll come visit!

  7. yeah, we have one of those morning dawdlers. two, actually :)
    love the pic of nya flying towards koen!