Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Date Nights

Yes, date nights. Plural.  We usually go out maybe once every two months but last week we went out twice!  The first date was for our anniversary.  We love to try new restaurants and my friend recommended the Fat Cow and Oyster Bar in Walnut Grove.  I always check out Urbanspoon's ratings and comments and it wasn't rated super high, just 70%.   It seemed that people either loved the food our were super dissapointed with the service and food.     

{I always think I'm blond until I see a picture of myself.  I guess I was blond when I was a kid?}

 The down side for us was that it was a night where they were training staff so it took a long time to get our food.  It took over and hour and I was soooo hungry.  They apologized several times.  The upside?  Great food.  Maybe I was just so hungry that anything would've tasted good but we tried food that we hadn't had before.  I had Lobster Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese and Gary had Fried Chicken with Bacon Waffles.  We also shared Duck Poutine.  The food is a tad bit pricier than you might pay elsewhere in regards to portions but it's worth it in quality.  I would definitely go back again and so would Gary.  Usually we give restaurants a 7/10 but this was a definite 8.5!  If you've been there, what do you think of it?

{If anyone has another restaurant in the Langley/Surrey area that they'd recommend, please do!}

Last week I had won the Eat!Vancouver prize pack from Breakfast Television.  In it were 4 tickets to Eat! Vancouver.  Gary and I had been once before, over 9 years ago, when we were planning our honeymoon!   Back then, we tried some lavendar icecream from the Kingfisher Resort and Spa (from Courtenay, BC) and were sold on it which was where we then went on our honeymoon!  This time, we invited Gary's brother and his wife Pam because they tend to enjoy fun food too.

Eat!Vancouver has a bunch of great vendors giving away samples with some cooking shows going on at the same time.  It seemed like most of the samples were cheese and chocolate which is so fine with me!  Now, I'm pretty frugal so I don't know that I would go more than once paying the $17/ticket but I would for sure recommend going once for the experience.  

Up front is the Celebrity stage with Rob Feenie, Ned Bell, Jackie Ellis and Vikram Vij.  I love Vij's (favourite restaurant) so I was happy to hear him and watch him do his thing.  Did you know his comfort food is wine and salt and vinegar chips? Didn't expect that!

We went to the alcohol sampling area which was definitely the busiest.  I tried a couple types of wine.  I'm a fan.

Gary and Brent tried some deep fried grasshoppers from Mexico.  I tried to find a body part that didn't look like an insect and couldn't so I did not participate.

We took our new car for both of our dates!  I'm not one who cares a whole lot about appearances but I do have to say that I love saving gas, the reliability, and ya, well, I do like that it looks a tad cooler than our old car or minivan :)

A big thank you to my sisters, Maria and Jackie, for each taking a night babysitting.  As I've said, I'm a tad cheap so babysitting swapping is totally my thing!  Totally recommend it.

Thank you all for voting over the past couple of weeks.  I'm very excited to find out if I won on Friday!  If you have forgotten to vote (Ahem, Gary!!!), here is the link.  Thank you, friends. Seriously blessed with so many awesome people in my life!

Love, Louise


  1. Sound like some fun outings. I would still call your hair blond!

  2. Surrey restaurant we loved - Jerusalem Grill! It's in the complex near my house with the Starbucks and Fruiticana!

  3. ooooh, FUN!!! Both dates sound awesome!

  4. You went to the kingfisher for your honeymoon??!!
    That is where Sean and I went! He also proposed to me in the restaurant there. We enjoyed it so much and look forward to being able to go back one day.

  5. Ashley! We went there for our 5 year anniversary too! We LOVE it there! I hope you two go back!