Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for...
1. Being able to sell kids clothes at Once Upon A Child.  It is a lot harder to sell used clothes online now as there are just so many sites out there.  It isn't worth my time to post individual items anymore and although I donate some, I do need to make some money to buy them more.  I brought a bin of clothes there and they took about 40% of the items I had and I got $36.  Awesome.
2.  Special pieces of jewelry from my mom.  She bought us several big items when we were younger.  My sapphire ring when I turned 18 years old and my gold plated Seiko watch when I graduated.  I think I will do something like that for my kids.  Kai may have said he'd keep his Lego watch and ask for a phone instead when he graduates :)
3.  Sibling Love. Melts my heart.
4.  Stickers.  I love and if you've ever thought of getting nice business cards or stickers, please do so through this link :)  You'll get 10% off your order.  I have their business cards as I love the rounded corners and thick material. 
5.  Sunshine + snow.  Great, great combo.  It's so nice and warm out there, I will be sad to see the snow go.  Sort of.
6.  Fudge.  So easy to make.  Made some for book club but it got postponed due to the snow....guess I'll just have to eat it! PS How many of you have ruined baking by using your iPhone for recipes and getting sidetracked while online?????
7. Deals.  I've given up on ever buying second hand shoes for the boys.  Now, I buy them through Sears as they have their KidVantage program.  If these shoes don't make it while one of the boys can still wear them, I can get them replaced.  I got them on Clearance and then an additional 30% off. 
8.  Smoothies.  I think I've said this one before but it's such a great way for me to get more fruit and veggies in my diet.  I have Temporal Mandibular Junction Dysfunction (TMJ) and therefore cannot eat a lot of fruits and veggies (I need softer food) so this works really well.
9.  Nail polish!!  I just started being `fun' about 3 months ago.  I bought about 30 new OPI nailpolishes for $12 off of the Bidding Wars Site.  I put on a new colour each week and it makes me feel good.  I'm not a big makeup and hair person but for some reason, I really love wearing nailpolish.  I think now that I have more energy (aka Nya sleeping!!!) I can spend more time and energy on myself.  
10. A husband who tries to watch `The Bachelor' with me.  I usually watch with my friend Leah but the snow kept us apart.  I could do a whole post on how absolutely terrible the show is (and especially this season) but won't do it now.  It's terrible. 
11.  BONUS ONE: Snow tires!!!  I wish we had invested in them a long time ago.  I remember when I was 9 months pregnant with Koen, we did not have snow tires.  We could not make it out of our alley on Christmas day to go to the Chapmans.

I hope you are having a good week!!
What is one thing you are thankful for?!! 

Love, Louise


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Your #2 makes me think of the sapphire ring that was my mom-in-law's. So thankful for that. I've got a piece of her with me everyday now.


  2. I love your specially wrapped photo cds :D

  3. Today, thankful for Lightroom backups :)

  4. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Haha, today I am thankful for a warm office building to go to for the day, and knowing I have a warm home to return to (with the crazy wind chills expected in Calgary). Tia

  5. It impresses me how well planned you are with finances! Things like the KidVantage program, selling things at the second hand store...great ideas!! (Remind me of these when I have children at some point....haha)