Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I'm sentimental so I love to keep things that have a special memory attached.  However, I also really do not like clutter so I try to get rid of anything that does not have too great of an emotional pull.  Sometimes I have such a hard time getting rid of one of the boys outfits when they outgrow them but I'm thankful that they can be passed on to my nephews so I still see them.  I've thrown out all of my old high school notes but have held on to numerous journals (although I really hope my kids don't read them!).  It's sometimes hard deciding `Is this worth keeping?'.  

This makes me think a lot about the kids toys and what I should keep for when they are older. They play daily with this Scooby that was Gary's when he was little.  They call him `Weirdo' because his face looks a little different than most Scoobies (is that the plural?) you see these days.  Gary's parents still have all of his matchbox cars and Little People (remember the camper?! They have it) and my kids play with them when they go there.
In Nya's room, I have my old teddy bear, hair brush, and piggy bank.  I had bought her a really cute piggy bank and then just started using my old one because of all of the memories attached.  I wish I had my old cabbage patch doll, Hannah.  Hey sisters, do any of you have it?!
I feel such a connection to my mom when I brush Nya's hair with that hairbrush.  Yes, she has hair now.

Do you have any special items for your childhood that you are holding onto?  What items belonging to your kids will you hold onto for them?


  1. Lucy sleeps with the Strawberry Shortcake doll/pillow my Mom made me. I love that, and she plays with my doll that I had that my Mom had to sew the head/neck/arms on so many times but it is still going!

  2. Andrea-I think I need to see a picture of that, it sounds very sweet. Except the risk of taking a picture of a sleeping kid can be very high! :)

  3. I was given a stuffed bunny when I had chicken pox as a child that I slept with for my entire childhood. Still have it in my closet. I will never ever get rid of Bunny!

  4. I tried to throw out a doll I had saved from my childhood and just couldn't quite do it even though no little granddaughter would ever want to play with her. I found one like her at an antique store that was in much better shape but her eyes were green, and my doll had blue eyes like me. I bought it with the intention of replacing my old one, but still couldn't do it! I will have to be ruthless if we ever move out of our house.

    As far as our children's toys - I kept a few favourite baby toys and then the matchbox type cars and trucks, some duplo, the Fisher Price barn, and some playmobil. Our grandson is already enjoying some of these old toys and it is fun to see.

  5. Anonymous6:09 AM

    my first doll, i got when i was 2 1/2 {i don't remember getting it, but my parents love to tell the story how i reacted seeing it for the first time....}. and a "shoe-house" i loved dearly.
    my kids love playing with these two things, but i'm actually quite strict about it ;)
    i also threw out all of my high-school stuff, except for my journals. i've been writing journals {to my now husband} while being in a missionary trip and we made it clear to close friends/relatives that we want them to be burnt when we pass away. it may sound drastic, but it's VERY personal and i actually don't want my kids to read them.

    my kids have "memory boxes" in which i keep their "homecoming clothes", their absolute favourite baby-toys and cards/letters written to them. and even though they're still young they LOVE going through the boxes and have us tell them when things happened/pictures were taken....

    have a great day!