Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is YOUR Social Media Preference?

{Sleeping Babe.  I think she must dream of ketchup and slides and shoes.}

I recently started using Instagram (which is where I got that picture of Nya from).  I don't know that I'm using it the right way yet but it's a whole new world there.  I usually just post a picture there and then also on facebook at the same time.  I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to use some hashtags in there but haven't delved into that yet.  Such a novice :)  

My question for you is the following:

If you had to put the following social networking sites in order of your love for them, what would your order be?


This is my order from greatest love to least;
1. Blogs
2. Facebook
3. Instagram
4. Pinterest
5. Twitter 

My reasoning?  I love the authenticity, depth, and learning from blogs.  I love the messaging, staying in touch with friends and family near and far, and free advertising (for GC Photography) on facebook.  I love the beauty of Instagram but lack the depth.  I love the inspiration on Pinterest but rarely do anything with it.  I love the witty comments on twitter (I'm not witty which is why I don't use it but I do have an account).

Okay, so I'm curious...which ones do you spend most of your time on? What's your order?  Did I miss out on some big ones? Maybe You Tube?

PS This is going around on facebook right now...


  1. I am blog and facebook, in that order. I avoid pinterest until birthday time, stay away from twitter and instagram. I'm rebelling against the time-wasters. And saying that for ME, they would take up my time.
    I guess myfitnesspal would be a social media i'm hooked on ;)

  2. Blogs are my favorite for the same reasons you listed. I love learning things about people and how they do life. I prefer instagram to facebook as there is less clutter (articles, advertisements etc). Next is pinterest and twitter is last.

  3. I love following blogs- find there is so much I can relate to and learn! Facebook is a gimme, only because I have no idea what the other three things are. I feel so out of the loop but I just don't have the time to get obsessed with any more social media
    Ps- give yourself more credit, you definitely have witty tendencies

  4. Exact same order as you! I love blogs for how amazing they can be in such a variety of ways and topics. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with others. Instagram... I am a sucker for photos, I love lots of pictures. Pinterest is just fun, and a dream land. Twitter I am finding frustrating.

  5. Kelly-I hear you. Right now I feel like I have too much time (compared to `normal') so I find myself using those time wasters too much.
    Katrina-I hear you on the simplicity of instagram.
    Trish- I know what you mean about being out of the loop..imagine when our kids are teenagers?! OH my.
    Tamara-twitter, frustrating, yes :)

  6. My order: Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Pinterest.

    Although, that was hard for me to put in order!! Only because I use all of them except for blogging from my phone. So they are super easy to check a billion times a day. Blogging however requires a lot more time. I love it, it's just time consuming to read blogs as well as write them. Twitter is super funny. Love it!

  7. I like blogs, pinterest and then facebook. I don't post very much on facebook and made the mistake of downloading the pinterest app to my phone.

  8. 1. Google+
    2. Twitter
    3. Blogs

    Don't really care for the rest.

    Louise, I think you'd like G+ for all the reasons you like blogs. It's the evolution of Blogs.

    1. Kody, this is embarrassing but I don't really know what google+ is! I've been invited to it but no idea what it's about. Will look into it tomorrow!