Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for....

1.  Being able to celebrate my oma's 86th birthday with family. She came out from Alberta and us local grandkids had a small party with her.  Her late husband, Louis, is who I am named after.  He died about a month before I was born.  My name was originally going to be Patricia Joy but then they named me Patricia Louise.  Yes, I go by my middle name.  Patricia is my other Oma's name.   I love my extended family!

2.  Butter chicken and naan bread.  Next time, we will order 10 naan breads I think. Sooooooo good.  Sorry, not a very appetizing picture, I had no time to think, just had to eat!!

3.  Google.  I'm a firm believer in trying to answer all of your kids questions (well, along with guiding them to try to figure it out for themselves)  and as smart as I think I am....

4.  The patience to bake with Nya this morning.  By the way, great cookies!  Recipe recommended by my sister, Jackie.  Giant Ginger Cookies.  Full of butter and sugar but a yummy change from the regular chocolate chip cookies!

5.  Our leather couches.  We were given this couch as a wedding present from 5 couples that are very special to us (all of Gary's groomsmen and their wives).  It is so practical and I would recommend that anyone with kids have leather great for any spills.  I would say we spend more time on this couch together as a family than anywhere else in our home.  So many cuddles and stories.

6.  Awesome neighbours.  We've gotten a few free things from them and this week Nya scored a dollhouse!

7. Looking forward to future trips.  The plan is for Disneyland next year but Kai would love to do something a little more cultural so we are rethinking where we will go. As a family we would love to go to South America and Africa but we will need to save for about 4 years for each trip.  I wanted a `cheaper' trip that would still be something really fun to look forward to.  I LOVE planning for trips.  Our bottle fund is not longer going towards Menchies, we Menchie-ed ourselves out on groupons.  It is now our trip fund!

8. A way to make a little extra money.  I'm babysitting my nieces for just 3 hours a week while Maria works.  I'm not a person who would ever want to have a daycare but 3 hours a week is just perfect!  My sisters and I do free child watching for each other for dates and appointments, but for work, we pay each other.  As a side note, I am going to be looking for childcare for Nya just one or two days a week starting in September.  I would love it to be someone that I know and someone in the Clayton area...please send me an email if this is something you may be interested in.

9.  Nya's smile.  I love a good smile!!  I really thought I would marry someone who was super smiley but, well, when he does smile he really means it, I guess :)

10. Being able to attend Koen's preschool activities.  On Valentine's Day, they danced with their partners and then he did the Danish Dance and Kid's Polka with me.  Very sweet.  I have cuter pictures but didn't want other kids faces in it :)

I keep thinking that I am going to run out of things to be thankful for!  I know that sounds strange maybe but I've done about 200 so far.  I really hope that I continue to do this.  It really does make me reflect on my week and all I have to be thankful for.

Have a great rest of the week!  Almost the weekend...

Love, Louise


  1. When did you start going by your middle name?

    I remember going out for bike rides with dad after dinner to collect bottles for our Disneyland fund :)

  2. Katrina-as soon as I was born they called me Louise. They thought Patricia Louise sounded better than Louise Patricia. My word of advice would be NEVER CALL YOUR CHILD BY THEIR MIDDLE NAME. So annoying for all legal situations.

    Love that you collected bottles too! We have some serious collectors in our neighbourhood which makes it harder for us!

  3. Try construction sites - those were our gold mines :)