Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Marriage Tip #78

Gary and I are working on our marriage a lot more now.  It used to be so easy but apparently having a third kid was when things got a whole lot harder for us.  Or, maybe it was just being parents for seven years and suddenly these little people sucking all of our time/energy took it's toll.

We are putting in more effort to be patient, loving and kind.  One of his requests for me was to ask, and care, how his day was and what he did.  You would think that I would be doing this all the time, right?  Nope.  Often, when he gets home, it's dinner time and it's wild and three kids are talking/screaming/making a mess.  I feel a little jealous that he's been away from the wildness so I don't really want to hear about any fun he's had.  I know, work is not `fun' but sometimes it sure seems like a vacation to me compared to some of the things I do each day.
{One of the happiest days of my life!}

Also, all day long I listen to Koen and Nya.  If you've met Koen, you know he's extremely chatty.  It is exhausting.  I get tired of listening all day.   I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO LISTEN TO ME!

{I don't usually find Gary very funny but apparently I did during our vows!  Gary's dad married us at Green Lake on my parent's property.}

So now, I'm trying to be better about asking and actually being in the right mindset to care. I just have to remind myself that of course I want Gary to feel loved and cared for.

Philippians 2:4 `Do not merely look out for you own personal interests, but also for the interests of others'.

Is there anything that you are trying to do a better job of with family/friends/partners?

I hope you are having a good day.  Or, maybe just a better day than yesterday.

Love, Louise


  1. I love how you write so honestly about your marriage. It’s a great chance for others to see that they’re not alone and for your kids to see all that goes into it!

  2. I am trying to ask better questions apart from how was your day. Our new questions right now are what was the best or worst thing of your day? Goo on you for making this your priority! A really awesome marriage book that we read last summer was, Real Marriage by Mark & Grace Driscoll. It has some awesome questions at the end that help give some guidance in where you want life to head.