Thursday, February 06, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for:
1. Restored health.  It feels sooooo good to be out in the real world again.  Back to routines of swimming lessons and preschool and school and life.  I had tears in my eyes watching Koen in preschool because I know how much he's missed it.

2. Koen's sweetness.  Usually the fridge magnets end up being messages from the boys to each other like `Kai smells'.  However, I came across this one the other day.

3. The `Doggie Book'.  My sister Maria gave us this book when Kai was little and every single kid has gravitated towards it.  They have all LOVED dogs and this one has opposites.  Hearing Nya's voice say `Happy!' `Sad!', well, it's too cute.

4. Notes of Appreciation.  I usually sub at the high school but last week I subbed grade 4.  A few days later I received this note thanking me for being her sub.  How sweet is that?

5. Diversity in our home.  I am thankful that amongst the Cars, Pokemon, Beyblades and Star Wars Lego, there are My Little Ponies.  And can I just say, I had ONE pony growing up (which I loved) so doing their hair with Nya is pretty fun :)

6.  `Boundaries' book study.  I am doing this right now with women from church and although I missed the first two weeks due to sick kids, I know there is so much that can be taken from this.  I am a people pleaser.  I like to follow rules and I feel guilty so easily.  I sometimes do things without a cheerful heart, I'm often resentful.  There is so much for me to work on.  

7. A great school community for our kids.  Next year, Koen will be joining Kai at school.  The reality of the amount of tuition for two kids is hitting us.  We have had so many big expenses this past year and now have to figure out how to pay the $6000.00+ and still have an emergency fund.  It is a huge commitment as it's pretty much an amazing vacation we could be having each year, or even that new vehicle we'll soon need.  I am actually considering trying to find a part time teaching position but hopefully once wedding season hits I won't be as worried about our shrinking emergency fund.   Kai loves school.  The cultural diversity in his classroom is great, the class sizes are fantastic, the teachers he's had have been amazing, and the love and support he gets are awesome.  So far, we have been really impressed with his experience there.  I love that he is continually challenged not just academically but also in his character.  

8. Parenthood.  The show. Love it.  Joel reminds me of Gary (looks wise).  Their whole story line has me thinking `Why doesn't he want to work on his marriage with Julia?!! Try counselling?!!'.  

9. Nap time.  For Nya.  Enough said.

10.  Whipped Cream. I love it.  We had a carton of it when I was sick and I was nervous it was going to expire before we could eat it.  We got better just in time and enjoyed pancakes with homemade raspberry sauce and real whipped cream.  I don't buy it often (it was on sale) so that is why I was so concerned about it.  I looooooooooooooooooooooooove it.

Happy Thursday, everyone!
Love, Louise


  1. Glad to hear to you are all feeling well again. I have a couple of friends who speak very highly of the "Boundaries" book.

  2. I loooove 'Boundaries'! And my little pony :)

  3. I'm thinking I will get a lot out of `Boundaries'. Might have to read it twice. Lindsay-so funny :)

  4. I constantly think that Joel and Gary look alike and keep forgetting to say it to you. :) i love the show...i do hope they work on their marriage!

  5. Kelly-I love that you agree that they look alike! I'm not crazy :)

  6. I'm sure that Addison would love to play ponies with Nya! She saw the picture and started listing off all of their names. For almost being two, Nya's got quite the collection of MLPs! Best place to find more is Value Village :)

  7. Kelsey-her whole collection of ponies came from a Costco pack at Christmas :) I"ll have to learn the names, I suppose. I just know `Rainbow Dash'.