Wednesday, February 19, 2014

21 Months

Nya will be 21 months old on Saturday.  It seems she has grown into a young girl so quickly!  I sort of feel like she's out of the toddler stage, especially because she doesn't wear diapers (except for sleeping) and she's talking so much more.  She's my little sidekick and we are incredibly thankful for her.

She is the one we will likely be tested the most with in regards to patience.  She is loud.  We are teaching her to say `no' instead of screaming when the boys bug her.   She often doesn't know what she wants but we know it's the opposite of whatever we are doing.  She must wear boots, hat, coat and have her phone (old cell phone) if we are leaving the house.  

She loves to bug the boys.  She will turn off the Wii when they are playing.  She will grab Koen's cars and run away as fast as her little legs will carry her.  However, she loves her brothers, `Doey and Dai'. 

She loves to make sure all doors are closed and has learned how to open the doors for the rooms upstairs...

All of this is so normal for her age and I'm glad that she is asserting herself.  It's so awesome seeing how they learn to figure life and themselves out.  I remind myself of this when she MUST HAVE WHATEVER KOEN HAS or whatever major event is happening in her life.

When I ask her what she wants for dinner, she always says `Ketchup!'.  She loves her dips.  I would say she is a pretty great eater!  So thankful for that.  When she is supposed to be going to sleep, we will often hear her in the  monitor singing `Happy Birthday' or saying `Food fight!'.   She loves to brush her teeth.

She doesn't watch tv yet but (this is ridiculous), loves to watch Phineus and Ferb with the boys.  `Berb!  Berb!'.  She loves to wash her hands but does not like it  if her sleeves, or any part of her, gets wet.  Clothes must be changed immediately :)  She loves wrestle time with Gary and gets right in there.

She doesn't leave my side easily.  We are working on this and she is trusting more that I always return.  The only places I leave her are the church nursery, day care once a week, and sometimes at grandma's house.

{We were practicing wearing a headband and she thought Scooby wore it better}

She loves a good book.  She also LOVES looking at pictures of herself and loved ones.  Her frown can easily be turned upside down if we go outside (or give her an m+m...oh boy).

She is very sweet.  And strong willed.  I love this little bundle of awesomeness.  I loooooove this age, even though it can be tiring.  They are just so adorable with their words and smiles and cuddles.  Love you, Miss Nya (We actually call her Aiya as that is what she calls herself).

Hope you are having a good week.

Love, Louise


  1. Scooby in the headband! It kills me!

  2. Good to catch up. She's a treat, love the smile and you describe her so well . Jealous of her being happy brushing teeth, it's still a full out war here (yes, yes, even after an hour of AAAHHHH, EEEEEE, brush mama teef, baby teef, tenge? hahah. BUT DON'T YOU DARE try to brush mine, clamp mouth shut).

    Scooby is cute. I shouldn't have read that, was just about to get rid of some stuff that I'm emotionally attached to. I'm trying to break down how much is fear that kid or parent dies and trying to hang on to something, vs. actual sentimental value. Right now though, other than one item per clothing size (my rule), its all out. . Yeah, I really shouldn't have read your post until AFTER i'd dropped off the stuff in the car.

    To bed, night.t