Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursdays

{This quote was in our `Boundaries' Study this week. I like it}

Thankful for...
1. Samosas.  We have a new local Indian restaurant (walking distance!) and they have 2 for $1 vegetable samosas.  I love them. I keep them in the fridge and have one a day.  It's probably not that healthy.  If you live in Clayton, try them out; Diamond Sweet & Restaurant.

2.  Skating lessons.  Kai gets to take skating lessons through the school again.  He's still not a natural but taking lessons when you are 7 is very different/easier than when you are 3!  They have play time for 30 minutes and lessons for 30.   Yes, I put him in a full cage, I don't want his teeth knocked out :)

3.  Buddies to watch skating with.  We were able to go and stay the whole time to help put on and take off skates.  Usually Koen has preschool but he didn't on this day.

4.  Selling our old washer/dryer.   My father-in-law fixed the old one for $20 and then we sold them.  Every bit counts!

5.  Gift cards.  I love gift cards for things that I would never spend on myself.  I would never go to Starbucks but being a teacher's wife (Gary is gifted gift cards and he doesn't drink coffee!) allows for me to go almost once/week! I usually go Sunday mornings on the way to church.  Also, we have 3 gift cards for dinner that we going to be able to use this year.  One with kids, two without.

6.  Gary involving Nya in the cooking process.  I most definitely do not have the patience for that.  She's tenderizing the pork to make schnitzel.

7.  Swimming Lessons. Love it. Passed it!  I wish I could continue to sign them up as they love to swim.  However, there's the whole cost and time thing.  I think I will sign them up again after spring break. Koen wants to be a life guard and I would love for him to be one, such a great summer job or through school etc!

8.  Bookmarks. I love having fun pictures as bookmarks.  Here's a keeper I found of Gary from his TWU years.  I love it because he's flexing which is so not him...he never flexes for me and is the opposite of vain....humble?  I think he was trying to be funny.  He's fine with me sharing, I asked :)

9.  Slippers.  The older I get, the colder I get.  I am seriously considering getting down booties from MEC.

10.  Kids Antics. I love that my kids are so different.  The boys would wear whatever I asked them to and they still do!! They don't care what they wear as long as it's comfy.  Nya is adamant that she always leaves the house with her hat and a coat of sorts.  She is very opinionated.  If I even open the dresser for a second, she will want to pick her whole outfit so I always try to do it when she's not around because her choices are obviously very random.  Here she wanted to eat a cheezie but couldn't push it into her mouth because she had these gloves on.  She refused to take the gloves off.  Yesterday, she insisted on bringing a helium balloon along in the van.  She's just very strong willed and I don't want to fight her unless it's actually something worth fighting for.

All righty!  I hope you are having a good week.  I leave you with the Serenity Prayer.  This was up in our home growing up (my mom cross stitched it) and the words are powerful.

Love, Louise


  1. I have the old, rickety Serenity prayer from our childhood laundry-room hanging up in our living fact, I'm looking at it right now! :) It's a gooder.

  2. I wondered who had it! If it disappears, wasn't me..