Monday, March 03, 2014

Feminine Products. Yup.

Okay, this is a topic that is definitely not interesting to most males.  I'm serious.  I know there are only a few men who read this, and they are all the type who love to educate themselves but, well, this might not be a category you want to delve in.  Dad, for sure stop reading now.

Gary, who is on board with discussing most things with me, does not care about feminine hygiene products.  This doesn't mean I haven't told him all about it (numerous times, it's so exciting!)  Many of my friends are not super cool with the products I'm going to mention either (aka don't want to use them) BUT if it encourages one person to try, I want to share it here.

Before you read, exhale.  Don't make a quick decision to dislike the products.  Remember people have been using cloth handkerchiefs, cloth breast pads and cloth diapers for years and years.  Okay, here we go. mind!

Last year I heard about, and purchased, a Diva Cup.  They are pricey (about $30-40) and you can order them online or find them at your local Nature's Fare and other similar stores.    There are other menstrual cups out there as well, this is just the kind that I use.

Why would I use this?  There are many reasons why someone would want to use it, but these are mine:

1.  It is environmentally friendly.  I have a heavy flow which means I would go through many tampons and pads which creates so much waste.  This Diva Cup is reusable, and you only need one for 10 YEARS.  Just rinse out after each use and voila, good to go again!

2. It can hold 3 times more than a tampon.  I can go 12 hours without having to worry about leakage.  I will be honest that on a heavy flow day, I do change it  more often during the day but that is still way better than with tampons and this has saved me through the nights.  If you are a person who has to deal with their period at night, then get one.

3.  Saves money.  I don't ever have to send Gary to the store for tampons ever again.  I used to have to wear pads and tampons, now just the cup and a cloth panty liner.

Other great reasons; you can use it on light flow days because it does not dry you out like a tampon, if you are concerned about the amount of blood loss during your period you can actually measure it as it has the volume etched in it (I found this interesting as it definitely confirmed I have a much heavier than average flow),  you can use it swimming like a tampon, you do not feel it when it is in, and it is very easy to clean.

What are the disadvantages?

1.  It is expensive initially. It pays for itself within a year.

2. I wouldn't use this in a public washroom.  You need a sink to be able to clean it.  It is recommended  to use a peri/water bottle to clean it in a bathroom stall but I'm not about to carry one with me everywhere.  Usually this isn't a problem though as most people are not away from a private bathroom for more than 12 hours.

3.  It is difficult to figure out at first.  It took me about 3 cycles to really get it.  I would highly recommend watching YouTube videos on how to insert and remove it.  You really don't want to hurt yourself :)  They do come in 2 sizes as well.

Okay, so the "fun" doesn't stop there.  There can be minor leakage or the possibility of overflow with the Diva Cup.  This is sometimes just residual fluid from changing it if that makes sense.  Or, what about at the very end of your period when you want to just use a panty liner? What do I do? I recently purchased `Mama Kloth'. I got three cloth bamboo panty liners and dry bag.  Again, some people might be weirded out by using reuseable panty liners but because it's just used as a backup for me, they aren't messy at all.   If people use cloth diapers and cloth breast pads, why not panty liners/pads?  Just rinse with cold water after being used and stick in the washing machine.

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Hopefully I didn't gross you out; I personally get more grossed out with the word "panty."

I don't know how to end this but if you made it all the way through, high-five to you!  Not sure if you feel comfortable commenting but I dare you :)

Have a great week.
Love, Louise


  1. There is a coop group that brings in noname diva cups, I got mine for way less than the name brand. I love it! Especially with the reports on mold in tampons lately. I also have bamboo liners. Anything to save money in the long run. I am investing in the postpartum ones next... you can put a mini ice pack in them! Would have been handy last time.

  2. Tamara-can you share more info on where you got yours from? Just in case someone was interested in a cheaper option?

  3. I love that you posted this Louise!
    I am a convert too!

    1. Yay, I'm glad you commented! I love the conversations we had on it. Poor Leah :(

    2. least I am now well educated!

  4. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I use a diva cup. Still have to change it every two hours (better than every 40 min with a tampon) on my first two days of my cycle, but it is so worth the investment! I will never go back. And there are many harmful chemicals in tampons, that I personally never want to have in my body again. Once you get the hang of a diva cup, it is more comfortable than a tampon as well. I'm team diva cup, all the way!

  5. Anonymous, thank you for sharing! Yes, def doesn't last 12 hours for me in the first two days but still a huge improvement. Glad you love it!!

  6. Thanks for the post, Louise! Good to know about other options:)

  7. I've used something like this once; my sister got a couple of samples and I have always wondered where they were from. totally love the idea of being chemical free and waste free in comparison to tampons/pads. just have to bite the bullet and do it, I think.

  8. I love the disclaimer to your dad :)

  9. Google the amazon review of the diva cup. That's where I first heard about this. HILARIOUS.

  10. Lindsay!!! Oh my, just read it. So funny.
    I did not google or read how to remove it and it was not a good experience. I definitely recommend reading up (and watching demos!!!) before doing anything!

  11. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Reading this post is definitely Glen's worst nightmare. But I'm definitely intrigued. My cousin has been singing the cup's praises, but she's also keen to use cloth instead of toilet paper, and that's just way too crazy for me.

    It's under advisement. What good is the internet, if not to spread the word about things like this. Good on ya!

  12. This is very fascinating...I'm not going to lie, the thought kind of weirds me out to put a mini bucket inside me that catches blood!! But I appreciate you blogging about it. I think girls need to discuss these things more often - I knew very minimal about this until your post!

  13. Shannon-you are hilarious...'bucket that catches blood'! Love it :)

  14. I love how will tackle just about every subject! Sounds interesting!

  15. Nothing like a post about "a mini bucket...that catches blood" (love that comment, Shannon!) to illicit a boatload of comments :)

  16. Christie-I was going to add something about `family cloth' (we don't go that far) :) Glad the products are `under advisement'.

    Everyone-there are cheaper cups out there as I've realized so do your research if you are thinking of investing! Also, apparently I need to blog about personal and awkward things more often?!

  17. I use a Moon Cup, which is just the UK version, although I think you can buy them here now (at least online). Same price range though. I heard about them from a friend back in 2008 when living great. And I do use/empty mine in public washrooms (maybe this is TMI?!) but the instructions with the moon cup say to just dump it in the toilet and wipe it with toilet paper, and make sure you rinse properly the next time. Not ideal, but it works. :)

  18. Don't know if my last comment got added (from my phone): if so, don't approve this one ;)

    Anyway, just saw the diva cup at superstore for $35. I am SERIOUSLY considering making the switch and I think it would pay for itself in 3-4 months for sure (speaking from the tampon/pad combo, deal with it at night, side of the discussion).

  19. Oh man, I had one of these in the past... I just couldn't get used to it! Maybe I should try it again.