Sunday, February 09, 2014

Family Weekend

Our family weekend is not very exciting but that's okay.  Sometimes easy and simple means relaxing.
Saturday we went to Tynehead so that Koen could practice his biking.  It is the perfect path, in my opinion, to practice biking. Wide paved loop with very few people and just under 5 km.   
Nya loves doing anything outside, Kai is very easy going, and Koen, well, he was cold and tired and thirsty.  Still, it was just nice to get outside and get fresh air.

Today we went to church and now Nya is napping while Gary has taken the boys to the Lego Movie!  It's supposed to be very good and it's affordable for us to take the kids to the Clova ($5/person).
{I've realized I'm rarely in photos so today I asked Gary to take a few while Nya and I were reading one of her favourites `Blue Hat, Green Hat', also known as `Oops!'.}

I'm not sure what we are doing on `Family Day' tomorrow.  I do know that I'm doing a photo session in the afternoon.  It's a newborn one and it will be in their home.  It's supposed to be dark so I've packed up all my lights and gear to take along.  I know I've said this before but I am so thankful to continuously have photography clients.  New ones. Repeat.  So thankful.  I'm currently pretty much booked until the third week in August as I only do one session per week.  

I am thankful for our health and feeling bad for those that are in the thick of it still!

I hope you had a good weekend.

Love, Louise


  1. Terri-thank you!! I LOVE the colours in it (my faves)...the necklace is quite bold for me but I do like it :)

  2. Our kids both love that book! It's the favourite in this house. Addison even reads it to Jacob and he thinks it's the best ever when she reads it to him! Jealous of being able to get outside and go for a walk like that. It's been -30 here pretty much all week. It looks like it's going to warm up for Alberta Family Day so that will be nice!