Monday, February 24, 2014


This weekend was relaxing.  

Friday we went to the Chapman's for a birthday get together.  They have get togethers about once a month for birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc.  I'm thankful my family doesn't do it as well as it would be way too busy for my liking.  I like ample time for our family of 5, but at the same time, value our kids knowing their extended family.  The kids have fun but we pay for it the next day due to too much sugar and staying up too late.  Next time, we will leave earlier as it's totally not worth it to push Nya past her bedtime (she also did not nap that day).  Their kids are all way older so we are always the first ones leaving.  

We got up at 5 am on Saturday to watch the Men's Gold Medal hockey game (PVRed the first hour).  The women's game was way  more exciting and intense for me.  Kai went to a birthday party and it was just a really low key day.  

I also did our business taxes so it's nice to have that out of the way!  They are trickier than personal taxes but I've been doing them for about 5 years so I'm used to it now.   It's crazy how little we make after seeing all our business expenses year after year...I don't know how long we will continue with GC Photography. Our business insurance alone is $700/year.  I am hoping to go back to teaching part time once all the kids are in school although that is still years away.  Maybe I'll go back sooner if I can get a great position.
{May be my first win!  Please note my nail polish, loving this colour although really, I'm just a bit obsessed with purple}

We have had non stop snow since Saturday which is kind of fun!  The kids went tobogganing and we had Ani and Izzy over for a bit and they joined them.  I thought that today would be a snow day for sure, but nope!  

{Kai Bear had impetigo and we didn't know as none of my kids have had it before.  Bad, bad mommy.  I'm usually uber cautious about my kids not spreading any infections and keeping them home.  He is on antibiotics now (oral and topical) and it healed up soooo quickly.  If you ever see blisters around your kids mouth, go to a doctor to get treated immediately!!  Parenting lesson of the day.  Yuck.}
{Poor Koen, this is his smile.}

Well, Nya is refusing to nap so my break is a short one today.  I guess the downfall of a potty trained toddler is that she keeps calling for me saying she has to poop. This is the second time in an hour....

Hope you had a great weekend  and got to enjoy the snow a bit.

Love, Louise

PS I used to update a blog for my dad when he jet skied up to Alaska.  He will be starting on a new adventure soon and is taking the reigns on updating himself.  So, the grammar won't be pretty (sorry dad) but the photos will be.  You can check him out on the link on the side for Jack's Adventures.  


  1. SnOw much fun! :) well won on the roll up the rim!

  2. I really like that nail polish color!! And yay for winning a coffee!!! (I am on a Louise blog comment kick right now...hhaha! If you can't tell!)