Friday, January 07, 2011

Two In Time Out

I'm not meaning to post every day...I'm just in the busy process of burning disks, uploading, backing up etc which is a bunch of time spent at the computer. Two things:
1. Koen showing some two year old attitude by refusing to look at the camera. This was such an overnight change and totally makes me laugh. When I asked Koen what he wanted to do when we dropped Kai off at preschool, he said, `Subway. Eat fresh!'. As of yesterday, Koen confidently knows his colours. Oh yes, and he looks for the letter `S' everywhere.
2. Kai was in time out. When I came to get him, I found Koen had joined him to keep him company. He had also brought their blankies to bring him comfort. Sweet heart. I should also mention that Kai was so excited the other day when Koen had his first time out as a two year old. `He gets two minutes now!!' he shouted over and over (as opposed to the 1 minute for a 1 year old:)

Have a wonderful weekend! I won't post again until Monday as I've got to madly prepare for Koen's bday, celebrate his birthday (farm animal theme), Gary is at a basketball tournament, and there is a photo shoot in there too:)
Love, Louise


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend. Good luck with the birthday party!

  2. Wow - he knows his colors? Sounds like I have some work to do over here :)
    love the subway comment. see you tomorrow!

  3. Aw what a sweetheart! Didn't want Kai to be lonely, that's adorable. And I love that Kai got excited that Koen has to have 2 minuite time outs now!