Monday, January 10, 2011

Party Animal

Yesterday had a crazy start but ended wonderfully. I won't talk about how Gary had a basketball game and I had a photo shoot, both ending at 3pm when Koen's birthday party actually started. However, we were prepared, we had a babysitter, and once everyone arrived, I just sat back and relaxed:)
It was sort of animal themed, hence the piggy and sheep cupcakes. Noticing now that there is not enough icing on the piggies!
This party was an immediate family one...and with both of our families, and just two people missing, we had 30 people in attendance! Just some of the food laid out...Gary made a great variety of dips (I made bread for the my breadmaker!).
Kai was pretty jealous and had a really, really difficult time restraining himself from opening all of Koen's presents.
Koen loved all of his gifts and I was just so happy to have so much love for a little boy in one place. Sounds cheesy hey?
Just have to show you that my sister put a barrette in my nieces hair. She has no hair!
While opening presents I pretty much had 4 kids in my lap the whole time:)
Koen loves singing`Happy Birthday' and to have 30 people singing it to him was a taste of heaven. He loved it and it was my favourite moment of the evening. PS I got a new shirt, like it?
He couldn't quite blow out the candles.
The kiddos ate up all the cupcakes so I guess those marshmellowy sheep tasted okay!
Koen enjoyed his piggy.
Gramma spiked his sippy cup with punch....that had pop in it. Three times. Koen was up, running around his room, until 10pm last night. That, my friends, is why we only give him milk and water.

Usually we just do big family parties for the first couple of years...our house can barely contain us all! Thank goodness for the basement!! The kids all played down there (and in Kai's room upstairs) so that the adults could hang out on the main floor.

So thankful for this boy and a great extended family that supports us.
Love, Louise


  1. looks like it all turned out fantastic (minus the close timing - wowzers!)
    the cupcakes/cake look so cute. and i do really like your new shirt.
    glad you could celebrate your handsome boy with your family :)

  2. So fun! I remember that family birthday parties were always the best - mom & dad did them for us when we were small as well. The best part is looking back at the pictures from SO long ago - because these ppl are still a part of your life whereas the parties with friends (also alot of fun)were different because year to year those friends changed.