Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Koen!

I feel so emotional. I can totally remember what it was like when they announced `It's a boy!'. My big baby boy (9lbs 7oz) had arrived and I couldn't stop crying. A brother for Kai. Another son for us. Such a blessing. He has brought so much happiness and joy into our family. He makes me laugh daily and my heart continues to be a puddly mess.
He is sweet. He loves hugs, cuddles, and kisses. When I say, `Koen, it's time for bed!'. He says, `No! Cuddles! Couch! Mommy!'. I'll take it:)
He is so quick to say `thank you' for anything and everything.
He loves bugging his big brother Kai and knows exactly what buttons to push:) It drives Kai nuts when Koen says, `Go Kai go!' so obviously Koen does it a lot.
He loves running around the house, just before bedtime, in his pj's, with his big brother Kai. Back and forth they go, giggling away. His biggest joke is to say, at anytime and anywhere, that someone has pooped. We were skyping with friends last night and the only thing he said was, `Mommy pooped'. Goofball.
He has slept in a toddler bed the last two days. It means that he is running around his room for a couple of hours but he has transitioned well! It brings me great relief that he has done it on his own as it is one of the steps of preparing for bringing another baby day.
Kokies gets sick a lot and for a really long time. However, when he's sick, he's still super happy and actually enjoys blowing his nose:) He is easy going and will try anything. He is still using just three word sentences and is a big climber/jumper/thrower etc. He loves being physical.

Thank you God for this little boy. I always imagined that I would have kids but never imagined the depth of what that actually meant.

Koen, I am so thankful for you. Daily. You are so happy and so loving. You are so good at sharing. How can I explain that you have changed my life and made it 100 times fuller? You are so loved.

Love, Mommy (daddy and Kai).


  1. love this post. what a sweet little guy - and majorly cute too!
    Happy Birthday Koen!

  2. Happy Birthday Koen! We love having you in our lives too!

  3. oh man, birthday posts always choke me special! He truly is a gorgeous little man :)

  4. Happy Birthday to Koen. Two is such a fun age!

  5. Happy Birthday Koen!

  6. Happy Birthday to Mr. Koen! Crazy to believe that I've been following your blog for the past two years! My how time flies! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  7. Happy Birthday Koen!! You are one cutie, patootie!!

    In the picture where Koen is kissing you, his side profile looks just like Kai!!