Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I feel like BC (oops, I mean the Lower Mainland) isn't normally this cold. I went for a jog (25 minutes! Go me!) yesterday morning and it was -3C. I know, not cold for the rest of Canada, but for us it is!
It was great having Gary home for 2 weeks. I was able to work, we had fun family times (probably too much `Chutes and Ladders'), we finally found a lamp for our family room (after returning several to Home Sense and Home Depot...who knew finding the `right' lamp would be so hard?!), we watched some movies (saw `Despicable Me' the other day and I loved the scene where Gru is reading a bedtime story to the kids), read some books (I read `Sarah's Key' which I thought was really good and educational), and now, we are finally done with the antibiotics! Koen is still sick (runny nose mostly) and Kai still has large red patch on his eye that is probably a burst vessel.
I am really looking forward to what is ahead this year. I just feel positive about my health (if I can stay in the normal range for just 3 more months, I will be med free!!), my kids, my marriage, my work, and the possibility of another little one joining our crew (hopefully!!).
Koen has now fully transitioned to the toddler bed which means we have a crib just sitting there. We also have a whole closet of baby clothes and carriers and cradles etc. Time for them to be used!!! Soon we will move Koen's toddler bed into Kai's room and attempt them sharing a room. I would love to do this way before the baby comes so that there is less transitioning for them later, and also, I don't want Koen to feel `kicked out' of his baby bedroom. I'm hoping the baby will be in our bedroom for the first several months but still want the baby room for all the baby stuff etc.
We had a bean spread on our sandwiches today and it was super easy to make and a great source of protein (in a food processor: can of canellini beans, some olive oil, salt, pepper an garlic). Koen and I loved it:)
We have been having to say `no' to all requests/inquiries for weddings in 2011 as we already have 15 and we won't take any more after September. It is so hard saying no. I think of the cool experiences and locations we are missing out on, the money, the growth...but I just know that more importantly, this year we want to spend more fun family time together AND we need to have a clearer calendar `just in case'.
I've been planning/booking our trips for 2011. We will be going to Green Lake and Tofino for spring break. Then, Whistler and Oregon for the summer. Should be fun! The boy are at SUCH a good and fun age for travelling. I love it.

And ending with a photo that makes me smile.
Have a wonderful day.
Love, Louise
PS Kai starts skating lessons tomorrow! I really hope they start super slowly with them. He is such a perfectionist and any feeling that he hasn't done it right and he just wants to quit.


  1. Great outdoor pictures! Is is in the processing of your photos where you get the darker edges, or is that from a type of lense that you use?
    Sounds like some great plans for 2011 - it must be hard turning down those wedding requests.

  2. Carol-the darker edges are a vingette that I added while editing. The weather is so gorgeous right now for pictures!

  3. Hey Louise,
    Have you done Oregon with the kids yet? Where abouts are you heading? We're planning on going there this summer too! AND Tofino and Whistler:) wow. Great minds must think alike!

  4. looks like a great year ahead for you and your family! love that last picture of Koen :)

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  6. ERin, we are either camping along Cannon Beach somewhere or looking for a yurt. Haven't decided yet. YOu guys?

  7. So jealous of your adventures! I live too far away... and it has been really cold here which is funny because I have adapted to Grande Prairie cold and it's a whole different kind of cold. It's warmer in GP then it is here... it makes me eager to go back!

  8. Indeed, that is a fun picture of Köen. A funny little guy you have there.

    N.B. The lower mainland (Greater Vancouver area) is not BC.

  9. Tyler-so right!! I'm a little embarrassed now and truly want to change the wording in my post....but, I will be humble and accept my mistake:)